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Discover the Add Remote Control Ethanol Fireplace Insert

The ADD ethanol fireplace insert

Ethanol Fireplace Insert - Remote - ADD

Bioethanol Fireplace Insert - Add     Automatic Ethanol Fireplace Insert - Add
aFire Add Bio Ethanol Fireplace Insert     Biofuel Fireplace Insert - Add - Remote Controlled

Decorative Fireplace Insert - Add

Electronic Ethanol Insert - Add

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$4,120 small | $4,790 large
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For those who wish to add functionality back into your non-operational fireplace or wish to convert a working fireplace into an Eco-friendly and ventless hearth, there is ADD. A clean burning fireplace burner that requires no venting, ADD is simply placed into the interior of the fireplace surround, attached to the power source and enjoyed. Offered in two sizes with two burner and housing finish options, the Add fireplace insert is adorned with decorative orbs offered in four finishes to enhance its aesthetic qualities while prioritizing the eloquence and high performance of the living flames.

The ADD fireplace burner is composed of steel and high-grade stainless steel, offering the onlooker a fire ribbon of over ten or eighteen inches, depending on the size for which you opt. A safe fireplace option, ADD is a Smart Burner that offers a plethora of safety features through its automatic operation to ensure a safe and luxurious fire with each and every use, while adding the convenience of remotely controlled operation.

| thesafety

Separate Fuel Reservoir          Heat Sensor          Seismic Shift Detection          Carbon Dioxide Monitoring     

  • Locked Fuel Reservoir. Fuel is stored in a separate, locked fuel reservoir. It is introduced into a combustion tray through a fuel pump from the medical industry. This leaves only a few centiliters of fuel exposed at any given time.

  • Heat Sensor. The Add is a Smart Burner, constantly monitoring heat levels to ensure a safe fire with each use. Should it detect a possibility of overheating, it will automatically cease to operate until cool.

  • Seismic Shift Detection. The Add Insert is a shock-proof device. Should it be jilted or jostled, it will automatically shut down its operation.

  • Carbon Dioxide Monitoring.  Add includes an on-board carbon dioxide monitoring system. Should the CO2 levels reach a irregular level, the burner will shut down.

| theconvenience


 Remote Controlled          Wifi Integration          May Be Battery Operated

  • Remote Control. The Add Ethanol Insert is remotely-controlled with the included device.

  • WiFi Integration. At your discretion, Add may be integrated into your Smart Home System and controlled using a smart phone or tablet.

  • Battery-Power Option. Should there not be availability of an electrical outlet near your hearth, a 12-volt, compact battery may be attached to the burner as a power source, reducing installation time and costs and increasing portability an convenience.

| theoptions

Decorative Orbs - Add Ethanol Fireplace Insert

  • Burner offered in black or brushed stainless steel.
  • Outer Housing offered in white or black.
  • Decorative Orbs offered in black, stainless steel, gold, white.

| thesizes

Small                                                                  Large
Height: 8.46" (including orbs)
Width: 33.46" front, 17.20" back
Depth: 11.69"
Weight: 33.10 pounds
Approximate Heat Output: 9,000 btu
Burner Capacity: 2.25 liters
Approximate Burn Time: 5 - 6 hours per refill

Height: 8.46" (including orbs)
Width: 33.46" front, 27.44" back
Depth: 11.65"
Weight: 48.5 pounds
Approximate Heat Output: 13,000 btu
Burner Capacity: 4 liters
Approximate Burn Time: 6 - 7 hours per refill

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