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Smart Fuel Ethanol Fireplace Fuel is the safest available.

Smart Fuel Ethanol Fireplace Fuel

by Lumina Products

$45    6 liters
$75   12 liters
{plus free shipping}

Smart Fuel is the safest and smartest bio ethanol fireplace fuel available. When considering the purchase of an ethanol burning fireplace or fireplace insert, it is of the utmost importance to keep the safe use of your fireplace in the forefront of your mind. In striving to make using this technology safer, the specialists at Lumina Products have developed Smart Fuel. We recommend the use of Smart Fuel for the following reasons:

1. Safety-Pour Technology. This patent-pending safety system is included on all Smart Fuel bottles. A device that is found just under the cap, this safety-pour technology prevents sparks from entering the bottle during the fill / refill process. Safety-Pour is the first technology of its kind that reduces the risk of flash or explosion and allows for the safest use of your ethanol burning fireplace or fireplace insert.

2. Child-Proof Cap. All Smart Fuel Bottles are equipped with double protection to ensure the safe storage around children. The cap must be depressed, then twisted to open. Once opened, a silver foil seal must then be removed to access Smart Fuel.

3. BITR. This agent is added to all Smart Fuel to prevent the accidental digestion of the liquid by children or pets. By adding BITR, a bittering agent, a third level of defense is built into the fuel to prevent the harm of little ones.

4. PET Bottle. Renewable through-and-through, Smart Fuel is packaged in a PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottle, a container made of safe, recyclable material. This type of packaging is lightweight, yet strong and is a food-safe material boasting shatter-proof qualities.

5. Responsible. Smart Fuel Ethanol Fireplace Fuel is made from reclaimed and recycled waste products that contain alcohol. Unlike other ethanol producers, Lumina Products recognizes the need to preserve food products, normally used to produce ethanol, to feed those that are hungry.

6. Clean. When Smart Fuel is burned, it emits no smoke, no soot, no odor nor other toxic emissions. After it's burned, your reservoir is void of residue. Smart Fuel is safe for indoor use, as it only produces heat, steam (water vapor) and small amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2).

7. Value. Smart Fuel, made in the USA, is packaged in liter bottles. This means you receive 6% more ethanol than those bottled by the quart. The safest, cleanest, most responsible ethanol fuel - Smart Fuel is the preferred fuel of Clean Flames.

Made in the United States

Due to restrictions, ethanol fuel may only be shipped on the ground within the continental united states

For questions or concerns regarding use, storage, etc., please contact customer care

** Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel should NEVER be introduced into an active flame. Please be sure to wait approximately 15 - 20 minutes (or until cool) before refilling your fireplace **