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The zero-clearance fireplace inserts offered by Clean Flames are a solution for your new construction or renovation project and preferred by trade professionals for their style and safety. These recessed fireboxes are available in both one-sided and two-sided models, making them a versatile way to add the elegance of fire into your space without the hassles of traditional hearths.

Designed to be built into a wall, custom cabinet or other surround, the versatility of these fireplace inserts allows you to design a fireplace that is contemporary, traditional or anything in between. These fireboxes work with many building materials and are compatible with many finishes, so the design freedom is yours!

The Ignis Fire Boxes are made with double-wall construction using patent-pending technology that sets a precedence for safety. A stone wool insulation is placed between the two layers of stainless to minimize the heat transfer to the exterior layer. This construction makes these ethanol fireplace inserts among the safest in the industry.

Two Sided Fireboxes28" Double-Sided Firebox
39.5" Double-Sided Firebox
52" Double-Sided Firebox
64.25" Double-Sided Firebox
78.5" Double-Sided Firebox

One Sided Fireboxes28" One-Sided Firebox
39.5" One-Sided Firebox
52" One-Sided Firebox
64.25" One-Sided Firebox
78.5" One-Sided Firebox

Ignis Ethanol Fireboxes with Smart Burner Option Now Available!


Clean Flames has been selected by Ignis as an Authorized Dealer for their ethanol fire box line. Clean Flames is one of only a few authorized dealers of Ignis Fire boxes. Selected for our like-thinking of consumer safety and satisfaction, Clean Flames is pleased to be the first retailer to offer this selection.