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FB1212S Single-Sided Ethanol Firebox by Ignis
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FB1212S Ethanol Firebox by Ignis     Ignis FF1212S Ethanol Fireplace insert     Ventless Firebox by Ignis     Biofuel Firebox - Single Sided - by Ignis     Contemporary Ventless Fireplaces     EB1212 Ethanol Burner Included

Ignis warrants all ethanol fireboxes to be free of defect for five years.

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FB1212S Ethanol Firebox
by Ignis

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Remote Controlled Firebox Option

A single-sided ethanol fireplace designed to be installed into the wall or custom cabinetry, this ethanol fire box employs patent-pending technology to make it among the safest ethanol fireplace inserts available in the nation. In addition to its ultra-safe composition, the FB1212S, a ventless firebox designed by Ignis, uses Environmentally-friendly bio ethanol fuel so there are no vents or pipes to install - simply the firebox itself.

Vent-Free. This ethanol firebox burns Eco-friendly bio fireplace fuel. Bio ethanol fuel burns clean only emitting water vapor, heat and carbon dioxide into the air. Because of this, this fireplace insert box does not need to be attached to any additional ventilation or electrical hook-ups.

Flush-Mounted. This ethanol fire burner, because of its patent-pending construction, is fire rated so that clearance is not required between the firebox and building materials like sheet rock and wood framing. Because this ethanol burner can be built flush to the wall, you or your client may enjoy more space on the floor and a sleek, contemporary fireplace.

Heavy-Duty.  The FB1212S Bio Fuel Firebox is built using of grade 304 stainless steel, a material made to be used with high heat applications. This fireplace burner insert has been built employing double-wall construction. Between each 3mm wide sheet of stainless, a patent-pending stone wool fireproof insulation is laid. This additional protection reduces the heat transfer to the outer surface making it a safer fireplace for installation as a result of its cool exterior.

Heat. This ethanol firebox uses the popular Ignis EB1212 Ethanol Fireplace Insert. The ethanol burner, which is dropped into the frame, offers the user heat generation of 11,500 btu, which will change the ambient temperature in a room of about 400 to 500 square feet.

Real Flames. Ethanol Fireplaces produce real flames. Now you can benefit from lively and elegant dancing flames without the hassle of traditional fireplaces. This ethanol firebox produces a flame that may reach up to 11" high and stretches 8 1/4" long. The ethanol burner may be adjusted with the included tool to control the size of the flame, level of heat output and fuel costs.

In demand by those in the trade such as architects, contractors and designers, the Ignis FB1212 S single-sided ethanol firebox is idyllic for those who'd like to have real, clean flames into their new construction or remodeling project.

If any questions should arise relating to this or any other ethanol firebox, please feel free to contact us by chat, phone or e-mail. We are happy to help and would like the chance to start long-lasting relationships.