What is a Bio Ethanol Fireplace? - and other related topics http://cleanflames.com/what-is-a-bio-ethanol-fireplace-.html hourly 1 1970-01-01T00:00+00:00 Spring is on our doorstep! http://cleanflames.com/pc_url_9403368 <p class="plain">It's that time again. Soon, the dreary brown tones of summer will be replaced with the fresh and promising green tones of Spring and Summer! For all of us itching to spend time outside, our thoughts are turning to the backyard, patio and deck areas of our homes. The memories of warm days and cool evenings consume our thoughts and the nostalgia to repeat them overcomes us. </p><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">This year should be no different. The good weather accompanied by the good company of friends and family. And, there is no better way to set the stage than by incorporating a fire feature into your front or backyard design. The element of fire, with its wispy, dancing flames is certain to encourage serenity and warmth in your outdoor area this year! </div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Here are five ways to add a fire feature to your backyard, patio, deck, porch or entry:</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/olympus-ethanol-torch-by-decorpro.html" class="plain"><img width="1200" alt="Olympus Ethanol Torch" daid="1601106" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/233/b80/Olympus-Life-5.gif' title="Olympus Ethanol Torch" height="772" border="0" size="-1"></a><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">1.<b> <a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/modern-outdoor-fire-features.html#modern_garden_torches" class="plainlarge"><b>Garden Torch:</b></a></b>&nbsp;A modern garden torch adds the flicker of fire that plays off of the unique cutout designs. Whether inserted into the ground and lining your walkway or used with a base for a freestanding torch on your deck, out modern garden torches will use the dim of the evening to present an awe-inspiring environment for all!</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/skyline-black-tabletop-torch.html" class="plain"><img width="1200" alt="Skyline Black Tabletop Torch" daid="1601107" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/233/b81/Skyline-Tabletop-Torch-2.jpg' title="Skyline Black Tabletop Torch" height="802" border="0" size="-1"></a><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">2. <b><font class="plainlarge"><a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/modern-outdoor-fire-features.html#tabletop_torches" class="plainlarge"><b>Tabletop Torch:</b></a>&nbsp;<font class="plain">Tabletop Torches offer the flicker of light and cozy warmth that makes a quiet evening enjoyable. Easily placed on any flat surface, tabletop torches are portable and can follow the excitement. An idyllic fire feature for romantic dinners outdoors!</font></font></b></div><div class="plain"><b><br></b></div><div class="plain"><b><a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/column-ethanol-burning-fireplace.html" class="plain"><img width="1200" alt="Column Outdoor Ethanol BurningFireplace" daid="1601108" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/233/b82/Column-Large-Ethanol-Fireplace-9.jpg' title="Column Outdoor Ethanol BurningFireplace" height="800" border="0" size="-1"></a><br></b></div><div class="plain"><b><font class="plainlarge"><br></font></b></div><div class="plain"><b><font class="plainlarge">3. <b><a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/modern-outdoor-fire-features.html#fire_columns_fire_pits" class="plainlarge"><b>Ethanol Fire Column:</b></a>&nbsp;<font class="plain">&nbsp;Ethanol Fire Columns are a perfect way to greet your guests, whether at home or in a commercial environment such as restaurants, nightclubs and hotels. These vertically-positioned ethanol fireplaces add modern ambiance and warmth and encourage all of those in their surround to gather and mingle. Ethanol Fire Columns are also a fine implementation of fire on small porches where space may be at a premium!</font></b></font></b></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/qube-large-ethanol-fireplace.html" class="plain"><img width="1200" alt="Qube Large Ethanol Fireplace" daid="1601109" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/233/b83/Qube-Lifestlyle-1.jpg' title="Qube Large Ethanol Fireplace" height="471" border="0"></a><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">4. <a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/modern-outdoor-fire-features.html" class="plain"><b>Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace:</b></a>&nbsp; An outdoor ethanol fireplace will add heat and coziness to any poolside, backyard, patio or deck. Pictured here, the <a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/qube-large-ethanol-fireplace.html" class="plain">Qube Large Ethanol Fireplace</a> is equipped with hidden castors for easy relocation during your outdoor function. Clean burning, Eco-friendly and Vent-Free, outdoor ethanol fireplaces are quickly becoming the preference over more traditional options due to their low-maintenance, hassle-free qualities.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/hades-outdoor-propane-fire-pit.html" class="plain"><img width="1200" alt="Hades Outdoor Propane Fire Pit" daid="1601110" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/233/b84/Hades-Outdoor-Propane-Fire-Pit-100414-lifestyle.jpg' title="Hades Outdoor Propane Fire Pit" height="801" border="0"></a><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">5. <b><a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/modern-outdoor-fire-features.html#fire_columns_fire_pits" class="plain"><b>Outdoor Propane Fire Pit:</b></a> </b>Outdoor fire pits that use propane fuel are also clean burning and Eco-friendly. For those who don't mind a fuel line running to a propane tank, this is your solution! Clean Flames offers outdoor propane fire pits by Zuo Modern. Each model is as stunning as the next, all offering up to 50,000 btu of heat output for those chilly summer evenings!</div><p class="plain"></p> CleanFlames 2017-03-27T05:51:35-07:00 Spring is on our doorstep! A FIREPLACE SOLUTION FOR ALL – EVEN IN WARMER CLIMATES http://cleanflames.com/pc_url_9400039 <p align="center" class="plain"><a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/planika-fire-line-automatic-xt-ethanol-insert.html" class="plain"><img width="1000" alt="Ventless Ethanol Fireplace Insert by Planika" daid="1599813" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/233/469/FLAXT-3.jpg' title="Ventless Ethanol Fireplace Insert by Planika" height="749" size="-1"></a><br></p><p class="plain"><br></p><p class="plain">Over the past four years at Clean Flames, we’ve spoken with myriad clients in Southern and Western states, especially California, Texas and Florida, who want a fireplace, but not as much heat provided by wood burning or gas fireplaces. Luckily, we have the solution. Whether &#1091;&#1086;u h&#1072;v&#1077; an existing hearth or are looking to create a clean burning fireplace, it’s easy to convert to or build a new ethanol fireplace. Whether indoors or outdoors, ethanol burning fireplaces offer the same dramatic ambiance, but are more appropriate as a secondary source of light and heat when the climate is working against you.</p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p class="plain">There h&#1072;&#1109; been a drive &#1110;n r&#1077;&#1089;&#1077;nt years t&#1086; f&#1110;nd more environmentally fr&#1110;&#1077;ndl&#1091; fuels &#1072;nd those &#1072;v&#1072;&#1110;l&#1072;bl&#1077; fr&#1086;m &#1109;u&#1109;t&#1072;&#1110;n&#1072;bl&#1077; &#1109;&#1086;ur&#1089;&#1077;&#1109;, &#1072;nd th&#1077; talk h&#1072;&#1109; &#1077;v&#1077;ntu&#1072;ll&#1091; &#1089;&#1086;m&#1077; &#1072;r&#1086;und to th&#1077; amount of &#1088;&#1086;llut&#1110;&#1086;n we &#1089;r&#1077;&#1072;t&#1077; when we burn w&#1086;&#1086;d &#1110;n &#1086;ur f&#1110;r&#1077;&#1088;l&#1072;&#1089;&#1077;, both indoors and out. Eth&#1072;n&#1086;l is &#1089;&#1077;rt&#1072;&#1110;nl&#1091; a b&#1077;tt&#1077;r &#1072;lt&#1077;rn&#1072;t&#1110;v&#1077; th&#1072;n natural gas, &#1077;l&#1077;&#1089;tr&#1110;&#1089;&#1110;t&#1091;, &#1086;r &#1088;r&#1086;&#1088;&#1072;n&#1077; f&#1086;r your fireplace when taking the environment into consideration. Gas l&#1086;g&#1109; and &#1077;l&#1077;&#1089;tr&#1110;&#1089; f&#1110;r&#1077;&#1088;l&#1072;&#1089;&#1077;&#1109; h&#1072;v&#1077; b&#1077;&#1089;&#1086;m&#1077; &#1110;n&#1089;r&#1077;&#1072;&#1109;&#1110;ngl&#1091; popular in r&#1077;&#1089;&#1077;nt years, but ethanol is gaining in popularity because of its less intense heat output – especially in warmer clients. We find that p&#1077;&#1086;&#1088;l&#1077; l&#1086;v&#1077; th&#1077;&#1110;r f&#1110;r&#1077;&#1088;l&#1072;&#1089;&#1077;&#1109; and d&#1086;n't w&#1072;nt t&#1086; give them u&#1088;, because they’re used more for creating an ambient environment than for heating the space. </p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p class="plain">S&#1086;, we implore those in those areas that aren’t synonymous with fireplace use to convert an existing hearth or build a new one using our Eco-friendly, clean burning ethanol fireplaces. S&#1110;tt&#1110;ng b&#1091; the fire with your favorite book, drink or person is a &#1109;&#1088;&#1077;&#1089;&#1110;&#1072;l &#1088;l&#1077;&#1072;&#1109;ur&#1077; and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice it because you live in a warmer area. Inviting friends for &#1072;n evening &#1072;nd w&#1072;rm&#1110;ng th&#1077; event both physically and &#1088;&#1109;&#1091;&#1089;h&#1086;l&#1086;g&#1110;&#1089;&#1072;ll&#1091; w&#1110;th an ambient ethanol f&#1110;r&#1077;&#1088;l&#1072;&#1089;&#1077; &#1072;dd&#1109; mu&#1089;h t&#1086; th&#1077; conversation and it can be installed or a conversion completed at a fraction of what it costs for a more traditional hearth.</p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p class="plain"><i>S&#1086; here are the options: </i></p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p class="plain"><b><a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/ethanol-fireplace-grates.html" class="plain"><b>Fireplace Grate.</b></a></b> An <i>ethanol fireplace grate</i> is simply an ethanol insert surrounded by steel intended to be set into an existing hearth. As with all ethanol fireplace options, these fireplace grates burn cleanly – not emitting smoke, smell nor ash. Designed to be incorporated into any existing fireplace with traditonal to contemporary styles, our fireplace grates offer a solution for anyone who is tired of looking at their existing, non-functioning or over-functioning hearth. They will decrease the work and filthiness of wood burning fireplaces and reduce the heat output of gas fireplaces. This allows those in warmer climates to preserve the aesthetic of a fireplace while still being able to enjoy it without roasting!</p><p class="plain"><br></p><p align="center" class="plain"><a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/design-table-ethanol-fireplace-insert.html" class="plain"><img width="1000" alt="Design Table Fireplace Grate" daid="1599810" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/233/466/Design-Table-Lifestyle-2.jpg' title="Design Table Fireplace Grate" height="995" border="0"></a><br></p> <p class="plain"><b><br></b></p><p class="plain"><b><a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/burners.html" class="plain"><b>Fireplace Insert.</b></a></b> An <i>ethanol fireplace insert</i> is an ideal solution for creating a new, clean burning and environmentally-friendly fireplace. Composed of stainless steel, these fireplace inserts are designed to be dropped into any surround made of non-combustible material such as stone, metal or brick. Generally used by those with a penchant for a more contemporary aesthetic, ethanol fireplace inserts create long lines of fire and may be used to design freestanding or <a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/wall.html" class="plain">wall fireplaces</a> – single, double or three-sided. From twelve inches to seventy-two inches, Clean Flames offers fireplace inserts that are both manually operated and remotely controlled. No matter your budgetary or aesthetic needs, we have a solution.</p><p class="plain"><br></p><p align="center" class="plain"><img width="1000" daid="1599811" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/233/467/EB6200-Project-3.jpg' height="665" border="0"><br></p> <p class="plain"><b><br></b></p><p class="plain"><b><a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/floor.html" class="plain"><b>Ready-Made Fireplaces.</b></a> </b>Perhaps you’re an apartment or condo dweller and you don’t have a fireplace and you can’t build one. Clean Flames also offers myriad ready-made fireplaces ranging in size, style and function. These “unpack and play” models range from smaller <i>tabletop solutions to larger freestanding, floor model ethanol fireplaces</i>. Portable, these fireplaces are an ideal solution for those in the South and West. Because these models are portable, you’re able to enjoy the ambient flames indoors without too much heat and bring them outdoors for evenings when there’s a nip in the air; One investment – dual use! Try doing that with a gas fireplace!</p><p class="plain"><br></p><p align="center" class="plain"><a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/qube-small-ethanol-fireplace.html" class="plain"><img width="1000" alt="Bio-Blaze Qube Small Fireplace" daid="1599812" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/233/468/Qube-Life-Blank.png' title="Bio-Blaze Qube Small Fireplace" height="790" border="0"></a><br></p> <div class="plain"><br></div><span class="plain">Convenient, clean burning and Ecologically-conscious, an <a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/main_page.html" class="plain">ethanol fireplace</a> really is the ideal solution for those residing in warmer climates. The ease of use and maintenance is attractive to those who are retired and want to enjoy the fireplace more than maintain it, while the installation costs (or lack thereof) are appealing to those who are budget conscious. So, for all of you in Texas, Florida, California and other warmer climates – congratulations! <a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/main_page.html" class="plain">Clean Flames</a> will help you achieve a fireplace experience you can finally enjoy!</span><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><i>For assistance in choosing the right ethanol fireplace for you, contact us at customercare@cleanflames.com.</i></div> CleanFlames 2017-03-20T03:04:21-07:00 A FIREPLACE SOLUTION FOR ALL – EVEN IN WARMER CLIMATES Falling In and Out of Love in Autumn http://cleanflames.com/pc_url_8421500 <p align="center" class="plain"><img width="1200" daid="1346247" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1da/bf4/Dollarphotoclub_94074559.jpg' height="801" border="0" size="400"><br></p><p class="plain"><br></p><p class="plain">Now that the air is crisp and the leaves are performing their annual show, let’s take a quick look into the summer that’s passed and the relationships formed in it. It is all too often that summer flings are a staple of the season. But, let’s face it: Intimacy that is formed with high serotonin and dopamine levels thanks to the increased sunlight, don’t usually work out. But, if the two of you are still hanging in there now that it’s October, there is a great chance that it will last. Autumnal romances are bound to have more depth and meaning and the reasons may surprise you.</p> <p class="plain">Autumn is no doubt a time of change. We see it physically in our surroundings and feel it in our hearts. Passed on by biology, our bodies tell us it's time to hunker down for the coming winter. What it also tells us is that it's our last chance to find that perfect mate before the hunkering starts. A primal need for pairing and procreating if you will - perhaps a trait learned by paying attention to the animal kingdom. </p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p class="plain">According to psychologists, humans are creatures of comfort. We run inside to get warm and to be protected as winter hits. In order to feel the warmth and protection completely, we look for a mate. It’s really a simplistic and primal need that still drives us despite the assist of modern technology. Our libido also plays a role in finding that special someone in the fall. Summer is a time of generally care-free attitudes and less stress. As autumn arrives, we yearn for that return of normality and we’re generally prepared to settle down and mentally ready for commitment. </p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p class="plain">The way we dress also plays a role. Check out the latest fashion blogs or clothing retailers. You’ll notice that their offering includes garments that find a happy medium. While you are warm, the autumn wardrobe typically still shows your form. At the same time, it communicates the message that you’re to be taken seriously by covering the body. In direct opposition to t-shirts and cargo shorts, the clothing of this season takes on a more sophisticated approach by nature and with it comes a different mindset. </p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p class="plain">All in all, through primal instinct and visual clues, autumn allows us to see a new start while letting us know it’s okay to put things behind us. Contemplate if you will, that autumn is actually a time of death – albeit a beautiful time. A time of transition where one can look back with nostalgia, yet look ahead with optimism at the same time. I think that writer, poet and psychologist <b>Bonaro W. Overstreet</b> said it best: <i>“Autumn asks that we prepare for the future —that we be wise in the ways of garnering and keeping. But it also asks that we learn to let go—to acknowledge the beauty of sparseness.”</i></p> <p class="plain"><i>&nbsp;</i></p> <p class="plain"><b><i>A great deal of inspiration - both personally and by way of suggestion - was drawn by my special friend and for that I am thankful.</i></b></p><br> CleanFlames 2015-10-26T09:08:53-07:00 Falling In and Out of Love in Autumn Outdoor Ethanol Fireplaces Extend Your Season! http://cleanflames.com/pc_url_8357859 <p class="plain"></p><div align="center" class="plain"><img width="1200" alt="Outdoor Ethanol Fireplaces Extend the Season!" daid="1329694" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1d5/02b/Autumn-Scene.jpg' title="Outdoor Ethanol Fireplaces Extend the Season!" height="801" border="0"><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div>As fall has once again come upon us, the yearning to squeeze one more evening under the stars does too. Recent memories of picnics and summer get-togethers leaves the desire for year-round summer (at least for those of us in the East)!<div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">One way to extend the outdoor season is to incorporate an ethanol fireplace in your outdoor space - from porch and patio to the garden. Here are some outdoor ethanol fireplaces that are great for squeezing a bit more out of your favorite exterior spot:</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><iframe allowfullscreen width="432" frameborder="0" src="https://s3.amazonaws.com/embed.animoto.com/play.html?w=swf/production/vp1&e=1409588547&f=0tzR4Z4u2VvEKul8LDf9LQ&d=0&m=p&r=360p+720p&volume=100&start_res=720p&i=m&asset_domain=s3-p.animoto.com&animoto_domain=animoto.com&options=" title="Lexington Ethanol Fireplace by Anywhere Fireplace" id="vp10tzR4" height="243"></iframe><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><b><a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/lexington-tabletop-bio-ethanol-fireplace-by-anywhere-firepl.html" class="plain"><b>The Lexington Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace</b></a>.</b> This small, canoe-shaped portable fireplace is ideal for perching atop your favorite patio furniture or outdoor dining table. A see-through model, this tabletop fireplace may be enjoyed by everyone with its clear, non-intruding style. Now offered in black, white, beige, green, red, blue and stainless steel, this little ethanol burner offers a solution for every space. The best part: when you are finished outdoors, bring it inside for memory-making ambience all year long!</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><img width="1200" alt="Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace - Vitrum H" daid="1329695" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1d5/02c/Vitrum-H-Black-New-1.jpg' title="Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace - Vitrum H" height="1200" border="0"><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/vitrum-h-freestanding-bio-ethanol-fireplace-by-ignis-produc.html" class="plain"><b>The Vitrum H Double-Sided Fireplace.</b></a> Here's a model that is ideal for outdoor use. The Vitrum H offers high, tempered glass for protection against wind and other elements. Kicking out over 6,000 btu per hour, this ethanol fireplace is certain to warm your small outdoor space while giving everyone a view of the dancing flames. Because this model is also portable, you'll be able to enjoy an ethanol fireplace indoors once you've squeezed the last day outside!</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><img width="1200" alt="Planika Totem Commerce - Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace" daid="1329696" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1d5/02d/Totem-Commerce-6.jpg' title="Planika Totem Commerce - Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace" height="798" border="0"><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/planika-totem-commerce-outdoor-ethanol-fireplace.html" class="plain"><b>Totem Commerce Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace.</b></a> Here's an outdoor, cylinder-shaped ethanol fireplace that is perfect for lining the walkways in your space - adding light and warmth to your welcoming. The Totem Commerce is especially loved by those in commercial spaces from restaurants to hotels. Whether entertaining for fun or for business, this outdoor ethanol fireplace is sure to extend the season that so many want to hold onto!</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">In addition to those above, many of the fireplaces at Clean Flames may be used for indoor and outdoor use. If you'd like to talk about your space, we'd be more than happy to recommend the perfect outdoor ethanol fireplace for you - just contact us!</div><p class="plain"></p> CleanFlames 2015-10-06T09:07:50-07:00 Outdoor Ethanol Fireplaces Extend Your Season! Creating a Modern & Warm Family Room This Fall http://cleanflames.com/pc_url_8312773 <p class="plain">So, we are officially on the cusp. The days of crisp air are becoming more apparent. Children are making the trek to the school bus, and all of the picnics are over for the year. </p><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Now, our focus is on the indoor spaces. Perhaps a little fall decorating with leaves, pumpkins and the colors of autumn. Here are a few ideas for creating a warm and modern family room for you, your friends and family to enjoy this fall and throughout the year:</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><img width="1200" alt="Modern Cowhide Rug | HOUZZ" daid="1316838" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1d0/638/251-Zebra.jpg' title="Modern Cowhide Rug | HOUZZ" height="882" border="0" size="-1"><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><i><b>Incorporate an area rug.</b></i> Nothing warms a space (and makes it sound better) than a little carpeting. If you don't want to go through the hassle of installation, though, an area rug is a perfect solution. A sharp <a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="http://www.houzz.com/photos/14116003/lid=5230239/Black-and-Cream-Zebra-Print-Natural-Modern-Cowhide-Rug-4-X-6-modern-rugs" class="plain"><b>zebra printed cowhide rug</b></a> can warm a space while keeping style as a staple. Remember, if your sofa and chairs are against the wall, be sure that the rug is large enough to fit under the legs of all pieces.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><img width="400" alt="Modern Lounge Chair | ModernReception.com" daid="1316839" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1d0/639/Arctic5-1-Square.jpg' title="Modern Lounge Chair | ModernReception.com" border="0"><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><b>Find a modern lounge chair to fall into. </b>For those times when you're coming back from work and want to simply sit, read and maybe enjoy a glass of your favorite red. You don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. Choosing a <a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="http://modernreception.com/lounge-and-reception-seating.html" class="plain"><b>modern lounge chair</b></a> that has deep curvature and a body-hugging appearance. Have it upholstered to match your space and voila!</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><img width="1200" alt="Modern Wall Sconce | HOUZZ" daid="1316840" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1d0/63a/IslandsofLight_1404-M19.jpg' title="Modern Wall Sconce | HOUZZ" height="916" border="0" size="-1"><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><i>Use soft, ambient lighting. </i>It is all to often that we rely on the everyday table lamp. By using more ambient lighting, like a <a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="http://www.houzz.com/photos/9768341/lid=2526536/Silk-Scarf-White-Art-Glass-and-Ceramic-Modern-Wall-Sconce-contemporary-wall-sconces" class="plain"><b>modern wall sconce</b></a> (especially one that may be dimmed at your discretion), you add a level of warmth to the space. A wall light that washes the wall from the top and bottom of the fixture will add pleasant illumination while preserving your period of relaxation.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><img width="1200" alt="Ethanol Fireplace | Clean Flames" daid="1316841" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1d0/63b/Lexington-Green-2.jpg' title="Ethanol Fireplace | Clean Flames" height="1149" border="0"><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><i>Add an ethanol fireplace.</i>&nbsp;It's now possible to have a fireplace in your space without major construction. Since the mind recalls, the use of fire has offered not only warmth, but a tranquil visual in which one can become lost with their thoughts.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">There are several ways that this is possible. Perhaps you have a small space and would just like something larger than a candle to offer and aesthetic boost. A tabletop fireplace is ideal for this setting. Perhaps, though, you have a bit more room and a floor fireplace or wall mounted fireplace would fit the bill. </div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">No matter the space, an <a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="http://www.cleanflames.com/wall.html" class="plain"><b>ethanol fireplace</b></a> is certain to add warmth, ambience and memories for years to come.</div><p class="plain"></p> CleanFlames 2015-09-22T06:23:17-07:00 Creating a Modern & Warm Family Room This Fall Modern Loft Living http://cleanflames.com/pc_url_8303261 <p align="left" class="plain"><a rel="" link="" target="_blank" href="http://www.cleanflames.com" class="plain">Ethanol fireplaces</a> are becoming more popular nationwide because of their versatility, ease of use, safety and convenience. Although many are interested in a fully-finished, pre-fabricated fireplace, those with a little creativity, who are tired of the mundane, create stunning, custom fireplaces using ethanol fireplace inserts.<img alt="Ethanol Fireplace Insert - Custom Surround - Clean Flames" daid="1314627" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1cf/9b7/EB6200-Project-1.jpg' title="Ethanol Fireplace Insert - Custom Surround - Clean Flames" size="-1" border="0"></p><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Margo Downing (<a rel="" link="" target="_blank" href="http://www.margodowninginteriors.com" class="plain">margodowninginteriors.com</a>), an interior designer in the Baltimore area, is among these creative and talented people. Recently, she appealed to Clean Flames with an awe-inspiring design that came to life with the Ignis EB6200, a 62" ethanol burner. The results were so incredible, that she received acclaim by <a rel="" link="" target="_blank" href="http://baltimorestyle.com/13140/pop-art-and-ping-pong/" class="plain">Baltimore Style Magazine</a>. </div><div class="plain"><img alt="Ethanol Burner - Custom Surround - Clean Flames" daid="1314628" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1cf/9b8/EB6200-Project-3.jpg' title="Ethanol Burner - Custom Surround - Clean Flames" size="-1" border="0"><br></div><div class="plain">A modern loft, Margo wanted the fireplace to reflect just that with a linear fire ribbon and open construction. By using the fireplace insert and a tiled background - complete with a flame pattern, she was able to produce a stunning and functional fireplace for her client akin to no other. </div><div align="center" class="plain"><img alt="Margo Downing Interiors - Clean Flames Fireplace " daid="1314629" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1cf/9b9/EB6200-Project-4.jpg' title="Margo Downing Interiors - Clean Flames Fireplace " size="-1" border="0"><br></div><div class="plain">Ethanol Fireplace Inserts are designed to simply drop into any non-combustible material. By using the appropriate cutouts and adhering to the published clearances, anyone can design a fireplace that meets the need of their space and style - from traditional to contemporary; Large to small.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Fireplace inserts range in size from 12" to over 72" long, allowing you to achieve your desired aesthetic and heat output. In addition to the manually operated ethanol burners, you may also select an automated burner. Complete with remote controlled operation, these ethanol burners offer a bit more convenience and the latest safety technology available with a little electricity.</div><div align="center" class="plain"><img alt="Custom Ethanol Fireplace - Clean Flames" daid="1314630" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1cf/9ba/EB6200-Project-2.jpg' title="Custom Ethanol Fireplace - Clean Flames" size="-1" border="0"><br></div><div class="plain">So, if you're looking for something out of the ordinary and unique to you, your project or space, you may consider and <a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/burners.html" class="plain">ethanol fireplace insert</a>. The possibilities are endless. If you need assistance or a little conversation to spark your creativity, reach out to Customer Care and let us fire up your idea!</div><p class="plain"></p> CleanFlames 2015-09-18T08:09:46-07:00 Modern Loft Living Ethanol Wall Fireplaces: Recessed or Wall Mounted? http://cleanflames.com/pc_url_8244454 <p align="center" class="plain"><img width="400" alt="Ethanol Fireplace | Lata | Clean Flames" daid="1287618" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1c5/d84/lata-lifestyle-new-2.jpg' title="Ethanol Fireplace | Lata | Clean Flames" height="400" border="0"><br></p><p class="plain"><br></p><p class="plain">This question is raised quite frequently when people are shopping for an ethanol fireplace. As site after site is undoubtedly viewed during the shopping process, these terms (and many others) are often used interchangeably – but there is a difference. When selecting the best fireplace for your project, the most important question to be answered is: How involved do I want to get? Below we will attempt to clarify the different types of ethanol wall fireplaces to better help you decide.</p><p class="plain"><br></p> <p class="plain"><b>Recessed Ethanol Fireplaces.</b> If you are interested in building your fireplace into the wall or a custom surround, this is most likely what you’re looking for. Ethanol fireplaces that are designed to be recessed, or built into the wall, are unfinished on the back side. Generally constructed with a thin frame that is the only component seen once installed, the firebox in the back is unfinished for ease of insertion. If, however, you are positioning the fireplace so that the sides are generally unseen, it is acceptable to simply hang this type onto the wall as well. If the fireplace’s sides may be viewed, then you will most likely want to consider a wall mounted model.</p> <p class="plain"><br></p><p class="plain"><b>Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace.</b> Hung like a picture with very little effort and no construction necessary, a wall mounted ethanol fireplace is just that – mounted directly on the wall. This type of ethanol fireplace is ideal for areas where you can allow a depth of 8”-15”, as the fireplace will jut out from the wall slightly. Wall mounted ethanol fireplaces may also be recessed. It is important to note, though, that you will have to accommodate for the depth of the fully-finished frame. Unlike the recessed models, the sides and back are designed to be seen and are therefore finished.</p><p class="plain"><br></p> <p class="plain">When considering the purchase of an <a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/wall.html" class="plain">ethanol wall fireplace</a>, it is also important that you’re recessing into or mounting onto a surface that is non-combustible. We recommend the use of a concrete backer board, tile, stone or other non-flammable material. The only exception is when you are employing the use of a <a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/ethanol-fireboxes.html" class="plain">zero-clearance firebox</a>.</p><p class="plain"><br></p> <p class="plain"><b>Zero-Clearance Firebox.</b> Constructed with a special insulation that impedes the transfer of heat, these ethanol fireplaces are designed to be inserted into the wall. Because of the insulation, however, it is acceptable to recess them into the material of your choice. A flange surrounds the firebox and allows you to face the fireplace as you see fit in accordance with your design goals. The outcome is a clean and streamlined aesthetic with optimal safety.</p><p class="plain"><br></p> <p class="plain">The warmth and ambience of a fireplace is now easier to achieve. Ethanol fireplaces don’t require special ventilation, they don’t produce smoke, soot nor ash and best of all they are Eco-friendly. Contact customer care for assistance with your project and add depth and beauty to any space!</p> CleanFlames 2015-08-31T08:18:57-07:00 Ethanol Wall Fireplaces: Recessed or Wall Mounted? Summer Isn't Over Yet! http://cleanflames.com/pc_url_8171913 <p align="center" class="plain"><img alt="Planika Totem Commerce Ethanol Fireplace" align="right" daid="1265585" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1be/e29/Totem-Commerce-2.jpg' style="margin: 15px 0px 15px 15px;float: right" title="Planika Totem Commerce Ethanol Fireplace" size="-1" border="0"><br></p><p class="plain"><br></p><p class="plain">It’s not too late! There is still time left to spend time outdoors. Even if the outdoors means a little gardening and a quick nap. But whether you’re in the garden or taking a stroll through your yard, there really is nothing like being outdoors at the end of summer – taking it all in before it all disappears for the year. &nbsp;The air is warm, the breeze is refreshing, and everything from your flowers and the bright sun to the familiar drip of the ice cream cone says: “Summer is still here!”</p><p class="plain"><br></p> <p class="plain">Now may be the best time to think about an <a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/wall.html" class="plain">ethanol fireplace</a> for your outdoor space. Whether around your pool, spa or simply on the patio, the graceful lick of clean flames will add tranquility and conversation to any outdoor area. As the air starts to get crisp, the ethanol fireplace in your outdoor space will still give you comforting warmth throughout the fall. Then, as the air turns from cool to cold, bring your fireplace indoors and enjoy it even more. Talk about versatile!</p> <p class="plain"><br></p><p class="plain"><b>Fire Up Get-Togethers.</b></p> <p class="plain"><br> Imagine, if you will, entertaining friends and family a nice summer day – the late afternoon filled with conversation as you and your guests share stories of the rapidly-ending season; and in the evening everyone waits as long as they can and cherishes every moment of the setting sun before going home. Now imagine that same get-together with a <a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/main_page.html" class="plain">clean burning, Eco-friendly fireplace</a>. Suddenly, the late afternoon is crackling with the dancing flames of the fireplace and the value of the evening and time spent with loved ones increases. The power of fire – has been for as long as we can remember.</p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p class="plain"><b>“Me” Time.</b></p> <p class="plain"><br> Let’s face it: you work hard. Very hard. Summertime can easily help relax you after a long day at work or on a lazy Sunday. With a glass of your favorite light and fruity wine and the latest work by your favorite author, an ethanol fireplace can turn your backyard space into your personal getaway. The hint of light tickling the pages as you sip yourself into a tranquil state. Your eyes tending to the fire in contemplation of the book’s last chapter – mind wandering in wonder. Relaxation. Yeah – Summer is still here.</p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p class="plain"><b>So many from which to choose.</b></p> <p class="plain"><br> Whether your outdoor space is grandiose or quaint, there are several ethanol fireplace options from which to choose: small portable tabletop fireplaces, medium-sized fireplaces for the ground, wall mounted ethanol fireplaces for a handsome outdoor hearth, podium-style, see-through .. The list goes on. So many colors, so many models, so many days of summer left! Enjoy them! </p> CleanFlames 2015-08-03T19:38:26-07:00 Summer Isn't Over Yet! New Additions at Clean Flames http://cleanflames.com/pc_url_8105775 <p class="plain"></p><div align="center" class="plain"><img width="800" alt="Finestera Quattro Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace by Nu-Flame" daid="1248914" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1b9/7a9/Finestera-Quattro-4.jpg' title="Finestera Quattro Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace by Nu-Flame" height="600" border="0"><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div>Three new <a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/wall.html" class="plain">wall mounted ethanol fireplaces</a> have just arrived at Clean Flames. With a more traditional approach, these fireplaces are versatile, slim and complement the theme of many decorating styles.<div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">The Finestera Collection consists of three clean burning fireplaces by Nu-Flame. Each is appointed with a walnut grain frame, which adds to the warmth of the fireplace's ethanol flames. Offered in different sizes, there's a solution for most spaces.<img width="250" alt="Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace by Nu-Flame at Clean Flames" align="right" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1b9/7aa/Finestera-Tres-Square-4.jpg' style="margin: 15px 0px 15px 15px;float: right" border="0" size="250" daid="1248915" title="Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace by Nu-Flame at Clean Flames"></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Each of the fireplace burners that this collection employs is composed of stainless steel and is adjustable. This enables you to control the heat output and cost of operation to suit your needs.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">All of the ethanol fireplaces in this collection have a depth of only six<img width="250" align="right" alt="Slim Ethanol Fireplace at Clean Flames" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1b9/7ab/Finestra-Profile-2--1-.png' style="margin: 15px 0px 15px 15px;float: right" border="0" size="250" daid="1248916" title="Slim Ethanol Fireplace at Clean Flames"> inches. This allows you to preserve valuable floor space without the hassle and expense associated with recessing the fireplaces into the wall.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">So, for those who are looking for a clean burning fireplace, but the typical contemporary aesthetic just doesn't work for your space, there is now the Finestera Collection of Ethanol Fireplaces by Nu-Flame! Choose from the following:</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><ul><li class="plain"><a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="http://www.cleanflames.com/finestera-due-wall-mount-bioethanol-fireplace.html" class="plain">Finestera Due</a> (two burners)</li><li class="plain"><a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="http://www.cleanflames.com/nu-flame-finestera-tres-ethanol-wall-fireplace.html" class="plain">Finestera Tres</a> (three burners)</li><li class="plain"><a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="http://www.cleanflames.com/finestera-quattro-bio-ethanol-fireplace.html" class="plain">Finestera Quattro</a> (four burners)</li></ul></div><div class="plain"><br></div><p class="plain"></p> CleanFlames 2015-07-16T06:51:23-07:00 New Additions at Clean Flames Choosing Bioethanol Fireplace Fuel http://cleanflames.com/pc_url_8037795 <p class="plain">Choosing the right <b>Bioethanol Fireplace Fuel</b> is important. It’s a question we are asked frequently and hope this post will help to clarify:</p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p class="plain">Making a knowledgeable decision regarding the fuel you use in your ethanol fireplace is important. After all, this fuel is used in a ventless fireplace that releases its emissions directly into your living space. It is important to be sure that the fuel you are choosing is made for your fireplace and doesn’t smell or emit toxins into the air you breathe. </p><p class="plain"><br></p><p class="plain">At the inception of ethanol fireplace use in Europe and the United States, it was recommended that denatured alcohol, a very common solvent, be used. But people quickly learned that while it <i>is</i>&nbsp;bioethanol – it is far from being a safe solution for burning as fireplace ethanol. Denatured alcohol is widely found in local hardware and big box stores. It is sold as a solvent to assist in paint removal and the like. It is <i>not</i> sold with the intent of being employed in a bioethanol fireplace. </p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p class="plain">The United States government requires that all alcohol products, not sold (and taxed) for consumption as a beverage, be denatured – a process which makes it inappropriate for drinking. For solvents – the denaturing ingredients can vary. Most denatured alcohol found in hardware stores contains ingredients that are intended for use as a liquid solvent, but are hinder some to the air you breathe during combustion. Some of these ingredients include carcinogens which make breathing them dangerous. So, here at Clean Flames, we highly recommend not using denatured alcohol found at your local hardware store for use in your bioethanol fireplace. </p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p class="plain">Another key component in deciding what fuel to use in your fireplace is overall safety. Bioethanol fuel intended for fireplace use has a low flash point (the moment at which it changes from a liquid to a vapor). This is important as the fluid itself does not burn. So when we’re burning bioethanol, we are burning the vapors <i>emitted by</i> the liquid fuel. At 58º Fahrenheit, ethanol fuel begins to release vapor (which weighs more than air). So when you start to pour from the bottle, this highly flammable vapor is the first thing to be released. If there is a flame or spark in its surround, it may trigger a flash or explosion. Therefore, it is important to ensure that when refilling your bioethanol fireplace, you wait at least 15 minutes after extinguishing to refuel. Also important to note is that if you're using a multiple burner fireplace, all burners should have been extinguished for at least 15 minutes. This ensures that any small flame that can't be seen at the bottom is completely put out. If it isn't and the flame enters the bottle, it can be even more dangerous, as an explosion within the bottle is sure to cause harm.</p><p class="plain"><br></p> <p class="plain">To avoid this problem, Lumina Products, the maker of <a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/bio-ethanol-fuel-by-smart-fuel.html" class="plain"><b>Smart<img width="150" align="right" alt="Smart Fuel Bioethanol Fireplace Fuel" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1af/161/Smart-Fuel-Square.png' style="margin: 15px 0px 15px 15px;float: right" border="0" size="150" daid="1219806" title="Smart Fuel Bioethanol Fireplace Fuel"> Fuel Fireplace Ethanol (found <u><b>here</b></u>)</b></a>, has employed the use of a small filter-like insert into each bottle. This small plastic screen-like piece embedded in the opening of the bottle, prevents the flame from entering and adds a layer of protection while maintaining the normal flow of ethanol.</p><p class="plain"><br></p> <p class="plain">All in all, the use of an ethanol fireplace is safe. It is important, however, to be sure that you are respecting the fact that it produces real fire. Using the safety precautions listed on our safety page, coupled with the use of <b>Smart Fuel Bioethanol</b> for fireplaces, will ensure that you’ll enjoy your fireplace safely for years to come.</p> CleanFlames 2015-06-24T08:43:40-07:00 Choosing Bioethanol Fireplace Fuel UL Listed Ethanol Fireplaces http://cleanflames.com/pc_url_7937073 <p class="plain"></p><div align="center" class="plain"><img width="150" alt="UL Ethanol Fireplaces at CleanFlames.com" daid="1189771" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1a4/a6c/UL-Logo-Trans.png' title="UL Ethanol Fireplaces at CleanFlames.com" border="0" size="150"><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div>In May, Clean Flames added new, UL Listed ethanol freestanding and wall fireplaces to our offering. So, what is UL and why is it important? Below we will shed some light on why you may want to consider these UL ethanol fireplaces:<div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><b>What or Who is UL?</b> <i>Underwriters Laboratories</i> (UL) is an independent safety science company with a global reach.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Founded by William Henry Merrill in 1894, UL's standards have become synonymous with safety and peace of mind. With a widely recognized presence in anything electric, UL has evolved and now tests and lists products in many categories.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">UL conducts several in-depth safety tests on products that it lists. By adding their certification mark to a product, it gives the consumer assurance from an independent lab that it's been tested and complies with rigorous safety testing and is safe to use.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Recently, UL took on the ethanol fireplace category and created a standard for safety. Ethanol fireplaces (or decorative unvented alcohol fireplaces as coined by UL) are listed under <a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="http://ulstandards.ul.com/standard/?id=1370" class="plain">UL1370</a>, a standard that outlines the specifications needed to receive UL's nod.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Many code inspectors and other governing officials look for the UL Listing to deem products safe for consumer use and installation. All of the UL Listed Ethanol Fireplaces at Clean Flames contain the Standard Number and UL Certification Mark on the fireplace unit so that you can be sure it has been approved.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">This, of course, does not mean that those fireplaces that are not listed are unsafe. Larger ethanol fireplaces, for example, may contain too much fuel or produce too much heat for UL to list them under their standard. Ethanol fireplaces, generally speaking, operate in the same manner. Because of inherent risk associated with <i>any</i> fireplace, UL has opted to only acknowledge units with a smaller heat output and fuel capacity that are more decorative than functional for heating use. Over time, the standard may evolve as the technology becomes more advanced and ethanol burning fireplaces gain in popularity.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">If you're looking to add a bioethanol fireplace to your residential or commercial product and want the assurance from UL that it's among the safest application available, you may want to consider one of these models:</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/vienna-ul-listed-ethanol-fireplace.html" class="plain"><img width="150" alt="Vienna UL Listed Ethanol Fireplace" daid="1189772" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1a4/a6d/Vienna-Trans.png' title="Vienna UL Listed Ethanol Fireplace" border="0" size="150"></a><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><b>Vienna.</b>&nbsp;The <a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/vienna-ul-listed-ethanol-fireplace.html" class="plain">Vienna UL Listed Ethanol Fireplace</a> is a square model designed to be built into any wall or custom surround of non-combustible material. Using opposing silver and black to frame the flames, this ethanol wall fireplace is certain to add understated beauty and overwhelming warmth to any well-appointed space.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/antalia-ul-listed-built-in-ethanol-fireplace.html" class="plain"><img width="150" alt="Antalia UL Ethanol Wall Fireplace" daid="1189773" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1a4/a6e/Antalia-Trans.png' title="Antalia UL Ethanol Wall Fireplace" border="0" size="150"></a><br></div><div class="plain"></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><b>Antalia.</b>&nbsp;The <a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/antalia-ul-listed-built-in-ethanol-fireplace.html" class="plain">Antalia UL Ethanol Wall Fireplace</a> is also square in shape and designed to be recessed into the wall or non-combustible surround. It uses opposing stainless steel and black glass to make its statement. The lively, clean burning flames dance in front of the black firebox that is its interior.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/mecca-ul-listed-freestanding-fireplace.html" class="plain"><img width="150" alt="Mecca UL Ethanol Fireplace" daid="1189774" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/1a4/a6f/Mecca-Trans.png' title="Mecca UL Ethanol Fireplace" border="0" size="150"></a><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><b>Mecca. </b>The <a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/mecca-ul-listed-freestanding-fireplace.html" class="plain">Mecca UL Ethanol Fireplace</a> is a standalone model. Double-sided, thus see-through, the clean flames may be enjoyed on both sides. One side of Mecca is adorned by a full pane of tempered glass, while the other allows you to enjoy an open flame by only covering a about 1/4 of the fireplace with the like tempered glass.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><b><a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/main_page.html" class="plain">Clean Flames</a></b> prides itself on offering quality, clean burning fireplaces that are safe. Should you have any questions about these or any other ethanol fireplace, please contact us - We're always happy to help!</div><div class="plain"><br></div><p class="plain"></p> CleanFlames 2015-05-28T09:52:41-07:00 UL Listed Ethanol Fireplaces Ethanol Fireplaces Fire Up Your Remodel http://cleanflames.com/pc_url_7879952 <p class="plain">After the long, harsh winter, you’ve decided that you want to add a fireplace to your remodeling plans this year. The only problem is that you don’t want to go through the hassle or expense of installing gas lines and undertaking a major construction project. </p><p class="plain"><br></p> <p class="plain">Well, you’re in luck. By installing an ethanol burning fireplace, you don’t need a chimney, flue or special ventilation. Ethanol fuel, also known as ethyl or denatured alcohol, burns clean and only emits water vapor, heat and trace amounts of carbon dioxide into the air. Ethanol fireplaces don’t produce ash, soot or smoke and you don’t have to worry about smoldering or run way embers, either. Because of this, you can have a fireplace anywhere without the restrictions of hook-ups or bulky venting systems.</p> <p class="plain">Here are three ways to build fire into your remodeling plans:</p><p class="plain"><br></p> <p class="plain"><b><a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/ethanol-fireboxes.html" class="plain"><b>Ethanol Firebox Insert</b></a>. </b>An ethanol firebox insert is a fully-finished fireplace that you’re able to insert directly into your wall or custom cabinetry. This type of fireplace needs no clearance between itself and combustible material. Fireboxes, such as those manufactured by Ignis, are<a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/ethanol-fireboxes.html" class="plain"><img width="250" alt="Ethanol Firebox by Ignis" align="right" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/19f/ce9/Firebox-Original-1.jpg' style="margin: 15px 0px 15px 15px;float: right" height="375" size="250" border="0" daid="1175238" title="Ethanol Firebox by Ignis"></a> constructed with a double layer of stainless steel. Sandwiched between each layer is a stone wool insulation. The result is a firebox with super low heat transfer. Because of this, ethanol fireboxes are one of the safest ways to incorporate a built-in show of fire and an ideal way to have a fireplace under your flat screen television! Simply build it into the wall and cover the flange with stone or any other facing of your choosing. </p><p class="plain"><br></p> <p class="plain"><b><a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/burners.html" class="plain"><b>Ethanol Fireplace Burner Insert</b></a>. </b>An ethanol fireplace burner insert is simply the fireplace burner itself. These models are designed to drop into any custom surround of non-combustible material without any attachments whatsoever. Most burners are made of stainless steel and range from 12” – 72” long. This allows you to bring your designs to life and create a fire ribbon within your space. Ethanol burners are available in manual, push button or remote controlled versions. The manual burnersrequire you to light them with a fireplace match or long lighter. Conversely, the push button or remote controlled burners, by using a small electrical power source, allow you the convenience of a one-button ignition and extinction. Some of the automatic burners even offer many flame settings so that you can control the flame height, heat output and your operational costs. </p><p class="plain"><br></p> <p class="plain"><b><a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/wall.html" class="plain"><b>Recessed Ethanol Fireplace</b></a>. </b>A recessed ethanol fireplace is a<a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/ignis-accalia-recessed-bio-ethanol-fireplace.html" class="plain">ls</a>o designed to be inserted into a wall or other custom surround. More affordable than an ethanol firebox, these models must be built into no</p><p class="plain">n-combustible material. The heat transfer exceeds that of an ethanol firebox,therefore the extra precaution is necessary. Recessed Fireplaces are available with one to six ethanol burners and are offered in many different styles and sizes. </p><p class="plain"><br></p> <p class="plain">So, it <i>is</i> possible to have a fireplace without the hassle and expense related to the traditional hearth. Eco-friendly and ventless, ethanol fireplaces are sure to fire up your remodel and power your vision.</p> CleanFlames 2015-05-13T12:01:21-07:00 Ethanol Fireplaces Fire Up Your Remodel 3 Things to Consider When Purchasing an Ethanol Fireplace http://cleanflames.com/pc_url_7788612 <div class="plain"><br></div><p class="plain"><b><font class="plainlarge"><b>S</b></font></b>o, you've made up your mind. An ethanol fireplace is for you - better than electric, not as expensive as hooking up gas. Your journey has begun and it can be quite a trip. There are hundreds of models, dozens of brands, heat variations, clearance requirements, the list could go on. </p><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">When making an investment in an ethanol fireplace, we think it's important to take (at least) the following three things into consideration:</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="left" class="plain">1. <font class="plainlarge"><b>Flame length.</b><b> </b></font>It's been our experience that this is very important to our clients. Let's face it: You want the most fire for your buck. We get it. With that said, we've made it easy to know just how long the "fire ribbon" is for each fireplace. Depending on the model, flame length can range from 7" to well over 40". So, be sure to visualize (maybe even with the assist of a ruler) just how long the flame will be for the model you're interested in. Remember, the listed dimensions are for the entire fireplace or burner, not just the flame opening. Be sure to look on the right hand side: in bold text you will find the actual length of your <i>flame</i>. </div><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><img width="250" alt="Ethanol Fireplace Inserts available at CleanFlames.com" daid="1156880" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/19a/07d/FLA-3-Close-3.jpg' title="Ethanol Fireplace Inserts available at CleanFlames.com" height="175" size="250" border="0"><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Don't confuse this with the height of the flame, however. This is a little tricky to decipher, because it will be determined by the environment in which the fireplace is used and the amount of fuel in the reservoir. Fire uses oxygen - you may remember that from seventh grade science. Therefore, the more oxygen the fire gets, the higher the flame will be. If you're using your fireplace outdoors, for example, then the flames will tend to be higher. Another key point in burning ethanol is that what is really burning is the ethanol's vapors. Therefore, when you're reservoir is getting empty, you will in turn, see the flame height decrease. An average ethanol flame may vary in height from 4" to 11".</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">2.<b> <font class="plainlarge"><b>Adjustability.<font class="plain"> </font></b></font></b>This is another major point to consider when opting to purchase and ethanol fireplace or ethanol fireplace insert. Many of the models available at Clean Flames offer an adjustable burner. They're available in both manual and automatic versions. Each product page will indicate whether its burner is adjustable and there are two ways variability is accomplished:</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><img width="250" alt="Bio-Blaze Ethanol Burners at CleanFlames.com" daid="1156881" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/19a/07e/Bloc-39-Inch-Ethanol-Fireplace-Insert-2-Transparent.png' title="Bio-Blaze Ethanol Burners at CleanFlames.com" height="251" size="250" border="0"><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><i>Manual.</i>&nbsp;Manual <a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/burners.html" class="plain">ethanol fireplace burners</a> generally include a damper or extinguishing tool. To adjust the burner, you simply use the rod-like piece to move the lid of the burner. This allows you to partially or completely close the burner. In doing so, you're able to adjust the amount of flame, the amount of heat emitted and the rate at which your fuel is expended, thus controlling your costs.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><img width="250" alt="Planika Fire Line Automatic 3 available at CleanFlames.com" daid="1156882" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/19a/07f/FLA-3-Close.jpg' title="Planika Fire Line Automatic 3 available at CleanFlames.com" height="167" size="250" border="0"><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><i>Automatic. </i>Automatic variation is achieved only with electronic ethanol fireplace burners. This type of burner requires the use of electricity. To adjust the flame, you'd simply press a button on the burner's casing, remote control or in some cases, through your smart phone or tablet. Of course, this convenience costs much more than the manual equivalent.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">3.<b> <font class="plainlarge"><b>Room Size. <font class="plain">&nbsp;Sometimes we want the biggest and the best, and that's okay. However, when you use an <a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/main_page.html" class="plain">ethanol fireplace</a> - or any other fireplace for that matter - it's important that it's not too big for your space. Remember from above: fire uses oxygen. A candle, for example, uses very little. A long ethanol burner, however, is a different story. It is very important that the room size and natural airflow of the room be taken into consideration before making your purchase. If you need assistance in deeming what's appropriate for your space, please contact us via email, chat or telephone and we'd be more than happy to help!</font></b></font></b></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">This is just three things we think you may want to consider. Of course, you'll have your own list too and we're more than happy to help make your purchase seamless, so don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime! Happy Shopping!</div><p class="plain"></p> CleanFlames 2015-04-24T20:20:43-07:00 3 Things to Consider When Purchasing an Ethanol Fireplace Using Outdoor Ethanol Fireplaces This Summer http://cleanflames.com/pc_url_7762152 <p align="center" class="plain"><img width="400" alt="Totem Commerce Freestanding Ethanol Fireplace by Planika" daid="1152434" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/198/969/Totem-Commerce-6.jpg' title="Totem Commerce Freestanding Ethanol Fireplace by Planika" height="266"></p> <p align="center" class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p class="plain">Although it seemed as if it would never come, it has. Spring has arrived and greenery is slowly revealing itself. Before you know it, summer will be in full-swing and pool parties, backyard barbeques and get-togethers will come with it. </p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p class="plain"><b>Ethanol Fireplaces</b><b>&nbsp;</b>and <b>Torches</b>&nbsp;are a sure way to create an enchanting and exciting ambience for any summertime function. The lively presentation of flames can set the mood for any outdoor function. Here are a few ideas for adding fire to your outdoor space:</p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p align="center" class="plain"><img width="399" alt="Pipes Ethanol Torch by Bio-Blaze" daid="1152435" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/198/96a/Pipes-Large-3.jpg' title="Pipes Ethanol Torch by Bio-Blaze" height="266"></p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p class="plain"><b>1. Fire up your greeting. </b>A great way to greet your guests is to outline pathways or steps with fire. <a link="" target="_self" href="/torches.html" class="plain"><b>Garden torches</b></a>&nbsp;and tabletop fireplaces are a perfect way to set the mood as soon as your guests arrive. A linear display of fiery greeters will communicate the warmth and excitement of your get-together.</p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p align="center" class="plain"><img width="251" alt="Caldo Round Ethanol Fireplace by Nu-Flame" daid="1152436" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/198/96b/Caldo-1.jpg' title="Caldo Round Ethanol Fireplace by Nu-Flame" height="251" border="0"></p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p class="plain"><b>2.</b>&nbsp;<b>Center Stage. </b><a link="" target="_self" href="/Tabletop-Ethanol-Fireplaces-Clean-Flames-Biofuel-Solutions.html" class="plain">Small fireplaces</a>&nbsp;can be a great alternative to messy, dripping candles in the middle of your table. Generally surrounded by a glass shield,<i>&nbsp;ethanol fireplaces can be safer than candles, too</i>. Choose a fireplace that mimics the shape of the table. If your table is round, you may want to choose a fireplace that's cylindrical, for example.</p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p align="center" class="plain"><img width="251" alt="EBG3600 Ethanol Grate by Ignis" daid="1152437" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/198/96c/EBG3600.jpg' title="EBG3600 Ethanol Grate by Ignis" height="251" border="0"></p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p class="plain"><b>3. Wood You? </b>If you have an existing wood-burning outdoor fireplace, you may want to consider converting it into a clean burning application. Now you can simply set an <b>ethanol grate</b>&nbsp;into your existing outdoor hearth (make sure it's level) and enjoy a fire outside without the smoke or smell that you get with a wood burner. </p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p align="center" class="plain"><img width="400" alt="Oasis Tabletop Fireplace by Anywhere Fireplace" daid="1152438" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/198/96d/Oasis-2.jpg' title="Oasis Tabletop Fireplace by Anywhere Fireplace" height="345" border="0"></p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p class="plain"><b>4. Be free. </b>After you've arranged your outdoor sitting area, place a <b><a link="" target="_self" href="/floor.html" class="plain"><b>freestanding ethanol fireplace</b></a></b>&nbsp;in the center. See-through, these ethanol burners can be a great way to create a relaxing space and are complemented nicely by a bottle of good wine!</p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p align="center" class="plain"><img width="400" alt="Gramercy Freestanding Fireplace by Anywhere Fireplace" daid="1152439" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/198/96e/Gramercy-Outdoor.jpg' title="Gramercy Freestanding Fireplace by Anywhere Fireplace" height="301" border="0"></p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p class="plain"><b>5. Beats a Gnome. </b>Torches are a nice way to complement the garden you've worked so hard to maintain. After dusk, the flickering light of the flame plays off of flower petals and yard decor, creating a magical summertime memory. </p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p align="center" class="plain"><img width="400" alt="Absolute Ethanol Torch by Decorpro" daid="1152440" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/198/96f/Absolute-Square-2.png' title="Absolute Ethanol Torch by Decorpro" height="400" border="0"></p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p class="plain">Incorporating fire into your summer is sure to please - whether greeting guests or relaxing after a hard day, the use of fire in the summertime is certain to make memories for 2015.</p> <p class="plain">&nbsp;</p> <p class="plain">From all of us here at <b><a link="" target="_self" href="/main_page.html" class="plain"><b>Clean Flames</b></a></b>, have a happy and safe summer!</p> CleanFlames 2015-04-21T06:38:16-07:00 Using Outdoor Ethanol Fireplaces This Summer Valentine's Day Gifts 2015 http://cleanflames.com/pc_url_7070479 <p class="plain">So, you want Valentine's Day to be extra special this year. You've got exactly one month to make it happen!</p><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Perhaps you are one of six million people who plan to get engaged on the historically-romantic day, or you're looking to make a great first impression in a new relationship. Maybe, you're celebrating your 50th Valentine's Day together. No matter your reason, adding the real, romantic ambiance of fire this Valentine's Day is certain to heat things up!</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/main_page.html" class="plain"><b>Ethanol Fireplaces</b></a> are an ideal way to incorporate fire into your space, whether it be large or small - an apartment, condo, townhome or house. Here are some red ethanol fireplaces that will add heat, style and romance to Valentine's Day 2015 - whether to adorn the romantic room or to give as a unique gift idea:</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><b><a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/Tabletop-Ethanol-Fireplaces-Clean-Flames-Biofuel-Solutions.html" class="plain"><b>Tabletop Ethanol Fireplaces:</b></a></b></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">These small, portable fireplaces are ideal for the dinner table, end table or bedside. Simply pour the fuel in and light with a long match or lighter. Cooler and cleaner than a candle, a see-through tabletop fireplace will cast a romantic glow upon your partner's face and the surface on which it's placed setting the mood for a romantic evening. <i>Be sure that you situate your fireplace on a level surface and be sure not to move it unless extinguished.</i></div><div class="plain"><i><br></i></div><div align="center" class="plain"><a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/circum-tabletop-bio-ethanol-fireplace-by-ignis-products.html" class="plain"><img width="150" alt="Circum Red Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace" daid="1014740" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/16c/56f/Circum-Red.jpg' title="Circum Red Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace" height="150" size="150" border="0"></a>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/lexington-tabletop-bio-ethanol-fireplace-by-anywhere-firepl.html" class="plain"><img width="150" alt="Lexington Red Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace" daid="1014741" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/16c/570/Lexington-Red-Square.jpg' title="Lexington Red Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace" height="150" size="150" border="0"></a>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/ovia-tabletop-bio-ethanol-fireplace-by-decorpro.html" class="plain"><img width="150" alt="Ovia Red: Small Fireburner" daid="1014742" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/16c/571/Ovia-Square-2.png' title="Ovia Red: Small Fireburner" height="150" size="150" border="0"></a>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><br></div><div align="left" class="plain"><b><a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/floor.html" class="plain"><b>Freestanding Ethanol Fireplaces:</b></a></b></div><div align="left" class="plain"><br></div><div align="left" class="plain">Also portable, these larger ethanol fireplaces offer a mood-setting ambiance with the clean flames licking the air romantically. A freestanding ethanol fireplace may produce up to 6,000 btu - perfect for cuddling in front of! Check out some of these romantic Valentine's red fireplaces:</div><div align="left" class="plain"><br></div><div align="left" class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/tectum-mini-freestanding-bio-ethanol-fireplace-by-ignis-pro.html" class="plain"><img width="150" alt="Red Tectum Mini Ethanol Fireplace" daid="1014743" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/16c/572/Tectum-Mini-Red-Square.jpg' title="Red Tectum Mini Ethanol Fireplace" height="150" size="150" border="0"></a>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/vitrum-l-freestanding-bio-ethanol-fireplace-by-ignis-produc.html" class="plain"><img width="150" alt="Vitrum L Red Floor Model Ethanol Fireplace" daid="1014744" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/16c/573/freestanding-ethanol-fireplace-vitrum-l-red--1-.jpg' title="Vitrum L Red Floor Model Ethanol Fireplace" height="150" size="150" border="0"></a>&nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/vitrum-h-freestanding-bio-ethanol-fireplace-by-ignis-produc.html" class="plain"><img width="150" alt="Vitrum H See Through Ethanol Fireplace" daid="1014745" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/16c/574/Vitrum-H-Red-Square.png' title="Vitrum H See Through Ethanol Fireplace" height="150" size="150" border="0"></a><br></div><div align="left" class="plain"><br></div><div align="left" class="plain">So, no matter large or small - for the table or the floor, bio fuel fireplaces can add charm, romance and ambiance to any space without having to worry about the hassles of a special vent or chimney! Happy Valentine's Day!</div><p class="plain"></p> CleanFlames.com 2015-01-14T11:17:37-08:00 Valentine's Day Gifts 2015 Product Spotlight: Wave http://cleanflames.com/pc_url_7063396 <p class="plain"></p><div align="center" class="plain"><a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/wave-wall-mounted-bio-ethanol-fireplace-by-decoflame.html" class="plain"><img width="400" alt="The Wave Wall Ethanol Fireplace is one of several UL Listed Ethanol Fireplaces at CleanFlames.com" daid="1013027" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/16b/b75/Wave-Front.png' title="The Wave Wall Ethanol Fireplace is one of several UL Listed Ethanol Fireplaces at CleanFlames.com" height="386" border="0"></a><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><font class="plain">The <b>Wave Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace</b> by DecoFlame is a stunning, clean-burning fireplace that is offered in white, black and stainless steel. </font><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">This fireplace, that is UL Listed for safety, is made in Canada. A sleek looking unit, Wave offers the onlooker a cambered face that is adorned with sliding doors composed of tempered glass. The clean flame dances in front of the black background provided by its firebox. </div><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><img width="400" alt="Wave Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace" daid="1013028" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/16b/b76/Wave-Lifestyle.jpg' title="Wave Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace" height="367" border="0"><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Just as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing, this <a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/wave-wall-mounted-bio-ethanol-fireplace-by-decoflame.html" class="plain">wall mounted ethanol fireplace</a>&nbsp;produces almost 10,000 BTU, which is enough heat to alter the temperature of a room ranging between 450-500 square feet. And ... if it gets too warm, simply slide the burner's lid closed a little to produce less flame, less warmth and less cost!</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Favored by those who appreciate high design and upscale aesthetic, this <a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/main_page.html" class="plain"><b>ethanol fireplace</b></a>&nbsp;is certain to add warmth, conversation and memories in any well-appointed living space!</div><p class="plain"></p> CleanFlames.com 2015-01-12T20:02:29-08:00 Product Spotlight: Wave Ethanol Fireboxes Make It Easy! http://cleanflames.com/pc_url_7057993 <p class="plain"><br></p><p align="center" class="plain"><img alt="The New Ignis Ethanol Fireboxes have arrived at Clean Flames!" daid="1012086" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/16b/65d/firebox-24-ss-6.jpg' title="The New Ignis Ethanol Fireboxes have arrived at Clean Flames!" size="-1" border="0"><br></p><p class="plain"><br></p><p class="plain">The long-awaited arrival of the <b>Ignis Firebox Collection</b> has finally come. We here at Clean Flames have been awaiting their arrival for some time and are pleased to see they were worth waiting for!</p><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">The masterminds of Ignis Development have created an easy and safe way to introduce fire into any new construction or renovation project - whether residential or commercial using patent-pending safety technology and construction. </div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">For those not familiar with an ethanol firebox, simply put, it's a fireplace insert that is designed to be built into the wall or a custom surround of your choosing. If you've ever flipped through the pages of <a link="" rel="" target="_blank" href="http://www.houzz.com" class="plain">Houzz</a>, you've certainly seen them employed in multiple designs. </div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">The Ignis Fireboxes have been made out of Grade 304 Stainless Steel. This is important because this type of stainless is known to withstand high temperatures without showing signs of fatigue and compromising the firebox (and your safety). This type of material is fairly common in the ethanol fireplace industry. Many fireplaces and inserts, including the others by Ignis, are composed of this material. It's also corrosion and rust-proof, making it an idyllic material with which to work. </div><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><img width="250" alt="FB2400D: A double-sided, see-thru firebox" daid="1012087" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/16b/65e/firebox-24-ds-1_1.jpg' title="FB2400D: A double-sided, see-thru firebox" height="250" size="250" border="0"><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Where the fireboxes from Ignis differ, however, is that they use a patent-pending stone-wool insulation between the two layers of 3mm stainless steel. This is important (and what makes these fireplace applications differ) because it lessens the heat transfer from the flame to the outer "shell" of the firebox. </div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">We tested the <a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/fb2400s-single-sided-firebox-by-ignis.html" class="plain">FB2400S</a>, a one-sided firebox. We let it burn for about 2 hours. After the two hours, I cautiously placed my hand on the top of the firebox to find a surface still cool enough to touch! If this had been any other firebox, I have no doubt that I would not have been able to do this. </div><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><iframe allowfullscreen width="570" frameborder="0" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/n3RKycfmxSA" height="350"></iframe><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">So, if you're looking to add a fireplace into the design of your new home, office or an updating project, take a look at these <a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/ethanol-fireboxes.html" class="plain">fireboxes</a>. They are offered in five sizes. Each size has an option of one side or two. They of course burn clean and produce no smoke, ash, soot or smell. Because of their safety attributes, you don't need any clearance from combustible materials. That means you can build it flush to any wall. Your options really are limitless!</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><p class="plain"></p> CleanFlames.com 2015-01-11T09:34:07-08:00 Ethanol Fireboxes Make It Easy! Power Outages in the Winter http://cleanflames.com/pc_url_6958564 <p class="plain"></p><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><img width="900" alt="Ethanol Fireplaces are useful in power outages." daid="992729" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/164/e3f/Power-Outage.jpg' title="Ethanol Fireplaces are useful in power outages." height="675" border="0"><br></div><br><div class="plain">In the wintertime, power outages can sometimes be more common. Whether with the help of Mother Nature or something else, it is important to be prepared should your power go out. Generally power companies respond quickly and restore power expediently. Here are a few tips if you face this problem this year:</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">1. Check to be sure that the outage isn't just happening in your home. It may just be an issue with your electric panel. If you discover it's not, however, call your power company to report the outage. Sometimes an outage may be widespread, so be sure to think about the somewhat long-term.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">2. Always have a battery-powered radio handy with extra batteries. This will enable you to listen for updates on the restoration of electricity or provide you of other news about which you mat need to be aware. </div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">3. If you encounter a downed power line, Dial 9-1-1 or your local utility company. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO APPROACH FALLEN POWER LINES.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">4. Dress for the occasion. Add a layer of clothing whether it be a sweatshirt, sweater or pull-over. Remember also, heat escapes through your head and hands, so wear a hat and set of gloves too. </div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">5. Fill your <a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/Tabletop-Ethanol-Fireplaces-Clean-Flames-Biofuel-Solutions.html" class="plain">tabletop ethanol fireplace</a> or <a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/floor.html" class="plain">freestanding ethanol fireplace</a> with <a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/fuel.html" class="plain">fuel</a>. Be sure to heed all safety precautions and not fill the ethanol fireplace with gloves on. Although these fireplaces are portable, once fuel is added and they are lit, DO NOT RELOCATE THEM until they are extinguished. </div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">6. If your body gets cold, take a hot shower. Although your hot water heater may run on electricity, it will retain warm water for a few hours. After the shower, be sure to put the layers back on and sit in front of the fireplace!</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">So, although inconvenient, power outages may be handled if you are prepared and have all the necessary steps in place to deal with them! </div><p class="plain"></p> CleanFlames.com 2014-12-15T12:23:56-08:00 Power Outages in the Winter Clean Flames Electrifies! http://cleanflames.com/pc_url_6954140 <p class="plain"></p><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/main_page.html" class="plain"><img width="1000" alt="Clean Flames now offers clean burning fireplaces by aFire and Touchstone!" daid="991850" src='http://1003.nccdn.net//000/000/164/96e/aFire-Touchstone.png' title="Clean Flames now offers clean burning fireplaces by aFire and Touchstone!" height="354" border="0" size="-1"></a><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">It's been an electrifying week at Clean Flames. In our quest to provide our customers with the most diversified offering of quality, clean burning fireplaces and fireplace inserts, we've picked up two new and exciting brands that offer exciting things!</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><font class="customtext1"><b>aFire:</b> </font>aFire is the manufacturer of premium <b>electronically-ignited and remote controlled ethanol fireplace burners</b>. Available in many different sizes and shapes, these fireplace inserts are preferred by architects and high-end contractors and designers.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Among the safest in ethanol-burning products, the aFire line boasts a shock-proof, self-monitoring system. Its design separates the fuel reservoir from the fuel tray so that only a minimal amount of fuel is exposed at one time. </div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">In addition to its safety and due to its electronics, the aFire line is also convenient. Powered by remote control and functional with your Smart Home System, this line of ethanol fireboxes is conducive to a luxury lifestyle! Check out the <a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/burners.html" class="plain">remote controlled fireplace burners</a> today!</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain"><b><font class="customtext1">Touchstone Home Products:</font> </b>Maker of wall mounted and <a link="" rel="" target="_self" href="/electric.html" class="plain">electric fireplaces</a>, Touchstone offers quality product at affordable prices. </div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">Clean Flames' first offering of <b>electric fireplaces</b>, Touchstone touts five models that are made to mount on the wall or recess into it. Contemporary electric fireplaces, each one is able to change the ambient temperature in a room of about 400 square feet! Choose between stunning white or stellar black and enjoy the visual display of realistic flames that can be adjusted to fit your mood!</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">So, whether you'd like to enjoy a real flame that burns clean or one simulated by LED lighting, Clean Flames can help! If you still haven't found what you're looking for, don't worry. Just sign up for our newsletter! We have more electric fireplaces on the way, more electronic ethanol burners and even fire made of water!! So, join us in 2015 for the very best in active ambiance!</div><p class="plain"></p> CleanFlames.com 2014-12-13T16:02:43-08:00 Clean Flames Electrifies! Being Safe This Holiday Season http://cleanflames.com/pc_url_6951310 <p class="plain"></p><div class="plain"><br></div><div align="center" class="plain"><iframe allowfullscreen width="560" frameborder="0" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Hf_MAKI7P1o" height="315"></iframe><br></div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">As we celebrate a time of joy and reflection around our fireplaces this holiday season, it is important to remember general safety guidelines when operating an <a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/main_page.html" class="plain">ethanol fireplace</a>&nbsp;. One must remember, that our fireplaces produce REAL flames that may be dangerous if not handled properly. Here are a few things to keep in mind when lighting your fireplace:</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">1. Be sure that your <a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/Tabletop-Ethanol-Fireplaces-Clean-Flames-Biofuel-Solutions.html" class="plain">tabletop fireplace</a>&nbsp; and ethanol fuel is out of the reach of children. Also be sure that your fireplace isn't placed in an area where a pet is likely to knock it over. </div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">2. When filling the ethanol burner, be sure to use a funnel and clean up any spillage that occurs. Prior to igniting, be sure to wash your hands and use a long lighter of fireplace match to light. </div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">3. Be sure that your tabletop or <a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/floor.html" class="plain">freestanding fireplace</a>&nbsp; is placed on a sturdy surface and away from table or counter edges. </div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">4. NEVER try and relocate the fireplace while it's burning. If the conversation moves and you want the fireplace along with it, you must wait until the flame is extinguished and the fireplace has cooled.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">5. NEVER pour <a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/fuel.html" class="plain">ethanol fireplace fuel</a> in to an open flame or hot burner. You must wait at least 15 -20 minutes before refilling your fireplace. Failure to do so will result in injury.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">6. NEVER leave a fireplace operational when unattended. Be sure to close the burner's lid or extinguish the flame prior to leaving the room or retiring for the evening. Ethanol fireplaces produce real fire and should be treated as such!</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">For additional safety tips, please watch the above video from the National Fire Protection Association or our <a rel="" link="" target="_self" href="/bio-ethanol-fireplace-safety.html" class="plain">Safety Page</a>.</div><div class="plain"><br></div><div class="plain">We Wish You a Very Happy and Safe Holiday Season!</div><p class="plain"></p> CleanFlames.com 2014-12-12T09:32:17-08:00 Being Safe This Holiday Season