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a bio ethanol fireplace

by Nu-Flame

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Order the Finestera Quattro Bio Ethanol Fireplace

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For those who enjoy the warmth of wood, there is the Finestera Series of Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplaces. A combination of tradition and technology, the Finestera Quattro Bio Ethanol Fireplace offers its ventless flames using four ethanol inserts.

A rectangular ethanol wall fireplace, Finestera Quattro is finished in a faux walnut print; The brown tones creating a warm and cozy aesthetic. Positioned behind a pane of clear, tempered glass for safety and breeze breakage, the four bio ethanol burners produce bright, lively flames. Each of the four fire ribbons dance in front of a black, powder coated firebox for an impressive display of fire. Each ethanol insert may be adjusted, at your discretion, using the included handle-like tool also used as a flame snuffer. This allows you to adjust the heat output, flame size and to control ongoing operational costs.

Courteous of valuable space in any interior setting, the Finestera Tres Ethanol Wall Fireplace offers a slim, minimalist profile with a depth of 5.5". A bio ethanol wall fireplace that honors tradition while offering Eco-conscious fire without smoke, ash, special venting or smell, the Finestera Series befits an abundance of interior spaces.

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  • Manufactured with Steel, Grade 304 Stainless Steel and Tempered Glass.
  • Minimalist profile. Juts out only 5.5" from the wall.
  • Wall-Mount installation.
  • Each individual burner may be adjusted separately.
  • No Venting. Does not require additional ventilation of any kind.
  • Easy Installation. Only one wall bracket.
  • Simple to operate and maintain.
  • Uses Clean Burning Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel.
  • One-Year Warranty.
  • Includes Stainless Handle to control and put out the flames; Mounting Brace.

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  • Height: 21.25"
  • Width: 63.80"
  • Depth: 5.50"
  • Weight: 73 pounds
  • Burner Capacity: 1.5 liters per burner (6 liters total)
  • Approximate Burn Time: 3 hours per refill, per burner

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Finestera Quattro Product Sheet          Finestera Quattro Installation

Watch the Clean Flames of a Bio Ethanol Fireplace: