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Lisbon UL Floor Ethanol Fireplace


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Lisbon Black UL Listed Ethanol Fireplace     Lisbon See-Through Fireplace - UL Listed     Lisbon Freestanding Ethanol Fireplace - UL Listed     Floor Model Ethanol Fireplace UL Listed


materialssteel, stainless steel,
tempered glass
weight34 pounds
burner capacity1.3 liters
approximate btu output5,000
approximate burn time5 hours per refill
includesdamper tool, securing bracket

Ignis warrants all ethanol fireplaces to be free of defects for three years.

Lisbon Floor Ethanol Fireplace

by Ignis

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A two-sided, see-through fireplace, the Lisbon UL Floor Fireplace is a derivative of Ignis' wildly popular Tectum Mini Ethanol Fireplace. This model produces slightly less heat and complies with the standards set forth by UL subsection 1370. Square in shape, Lisbon's body is made of steel and finished in a striking black powder-coat. Within the frame, in an contrasting silver, its stainless steel ethanol burner settles itself. On either side, positioned for safety and burn optimization, two panes of strengthened (tempered) glass are secured by round, stylish fastenings.

Lisbon is made as a standalone and portable ethanol fireplace. When not afire, you may relocate it at your discretion. Making the most of your investment, this fireplace can be used year-round, indoors and outdoors. In compliance with UL standards, it also includes a bracket for fastening to any flat and level surface.

The stainless steel burner that this fireplace employs will provide a pleasant and functional heat of 5,000 btu. Just enough to take the nip out of the air on cool evenings and not enough to make a summer night outdoors uncomfortable. Because ethanol fuel burns clean, you won't have to worry about smoking, smell, bulky tanks or runaway embers and messy ash.

The Lisbon UL Floor Ethanol Fireplace is delivered ready to use the same day. Assembly takes only moments. Simply pour the liquid fuel into the burner with a funnel and ignite with a long match or lighter. Instant fire - anytime - anywhere!

Approved. Awesome. See-Through. UL Listed. Lisbon.

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