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Our fireplace collection burns liquid ethanol fuel, otherwise known as denatured alcohol. During combustion, only heat, water vapor and trace amounts of carbon dioxide are emitted. Because of this clean burn, ethanol fireplaces are vent-free and do not require special ventilation or attachments of any kind.

When it burns, liquid ethanol fuel is odorless. Only in its raw state and immediately after the flames are extinguished (much like a candle), will it emit a slight and brief smell of alcohol.

Bioethanol fireplaces produce no ash, soot nor embers. Truly a clean burning, Eco-friendly fireplace, there is no mess to clean up after use. Simply extinguish the flame and you're finished.


If you're looking for a way to provide natural ambience and light in your home, Clean Flames' bio ethanol fireplaces are the simple, natural solution you're looking for. Clean Flames Eco-friendly fireplaces provide beautiful, clean flames without fumes, odors, nor smoke. They're a quick, easy way to bring an old fireplace back to life, add interesting decor to your home's interior, or set the stage for outdoor socializing.


Clean Flames offers a wide variety of bioethanol fireplaces, all with easy-to-use, clean-burning technology that will provide hours of light and warmth. Our offering includes:

  • Tabletop fireplaces
  • Wall fireplaces
  • Floor fireplaces
  • Zero-Clearance Fireboxes
  • Ventless Fireplace Inserts
  • And much more


Our versatile products allow you the freedom to design your space and control your home's atmosphere. Our fireplaces are safe to use, attractive, and easy to maintain. We guarantee that your fireplace will help to create the atmosphere you're looking for in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even outdoor area. Made using cutting-edge technology, all of our fireplace models are built to provide beautiful, Eco-friendly light and warmth, use after use, year after year.

Wall Mounted or Recessed?

Fire Up Your Remodel

This question is raised quite frequently when people are shopping for an ethanol fireplace. As site after site is undoubtedly viewed during the shopping process, these terms (and many others) are often used interchangeably - but there is a difference. When selecting the best fireplace for your project, the most important question to be answered is: How involved do I want to get? This article will attempt to clarify the different types of ethanol wall fireplaces and help you decide which one is for you. READ MORE

After the long, harsh winter, you've decided that you want to add a fireplace to your remodeling plans this year. The only problem is that you don't want to go through the hassle or expense of installing gas lines and undertaking a major construction project.

Well, you,re in luck. By installing an ethanol burning fireplace, you don't need a chimney, flue or special ventilation. Ethanol fuel, also known as ethyl or denatured alcohol, burns clean and only emits water vapor, heat and trace amounts of carbon dioxide into the air. Ethanol fireplaces don't produce ash, soot or smoke and you don't have to worry about smoldering or run way embers, either. Because of this, you can have a fireplace anywhere without the restrictions of hook-ups or bulky venting systems. READ MORE

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The Best in Ethanol Fireplaces.

At, you'll find the best selection of contemporary and modern bioethanol fireplaces, ethanol fireplace inserts, and other clean burning and ventless fireplaces. As the go-to ventless fireplace store on the web, we proudly offer hundreds of ethanol burning items from North America's leading fireplace design brands, in styles ranging from contemporary to traditional and transitional to mid-century modern. For commercial and residential designers, interior design professionals, contractors, architects and other people of the trade, we offer constant support and discounted pricing.

Clean Flames Is Cool Warmth. carries new and iconic pieces from many design brands, including modern fireplace innovators like Ignis, Anywhere Fireplace, Eco-Feu, Malm, Bio-Blaze, a-Fire, Cocoon and Nu-Flame. Our modern fireplace collection includes bold designs from Cocoon, ultramodern items by Ignis, retro-inspired and a mid-century piece by Malm, timeless designs from a-Fire and Planika, and stunning experimental pieces by Artec Fire. Our extensive wall mount fireplace collection includes a variety of sleek ethanol wall fireplaces from Anywhere Fireplace, designs by Bio-Blaze and innovative, cutting-edge fireplaces from Eco-Feu and approachable, ul listed wall mounted fireplaces from Decoflame. Finally, we offer a great mix of products to address the most celebrated design styles, including a mid-century modern fireplace by Malm and a suspended fireplace, designed by Federico Otero, from Cocoon. Adding to Clean Flames' coolness, our ethanol fireplace inserts allow you to stretch your creativity no matter the aesthetic of your interior or exterior scheme.

Contemporary Consciousness.

All of the ventless ethanol fireplaces offered at Clean Flames employ the use of bioethanol fireplace fuel - a wholly renewable resource. Because this type of fuel burns clean, our modern fireplaces don't require a chimney, flue nor other attachment. Eco-friendly fireplaces for today's modern and contemporary spaces, our offering is both contemporary, cool and Eco-conscious.

Online Shopping Made Easy.

In addition to offering the most diverse mix of ventless ethanol fireplaces and bioethanol fireplace inserts, we make it a priority to make your shopping experience the best and most convenient it can be. At Clean Flames, you are able to shop by a specific category of fireplace or burner or by your favorite brand. And you'll find a variety of helpful tips, ideas and advice on our blog titled What is a Bio Ethanol Fireplace? Finally, for anything you see that is love at first site, simply add it to your shopping cart and it will be delivered promptly, free of charge. If you have any questions while shopping at, please feel free to call our customer care experts at 315.759.8058, chat with us online or send an email to [email protected] anytime.

The World's Destination for Bioethanol Fireplaces.

Clean Flames offers bio ethanol fireplaces and ethanol burner inserts worldwide. If you live or work outside the United States, and are interested in our offering of Eco-friendly, clean burning and ventless fireplaces, please contact us for shipping options. We strive to make this contemporary offering of products available to everyone worldwide and believe everyone should enjoy the grace and beauty that is provided by our modern fireplaces.

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