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Select Your Malm's Fire Presentation

Flameless Technology
 Real Fire

Aqua Fire is the latest in alternative fireplace technology. Fire without actual fire, this cartridge produces faux flame and smoke by using sepia-colored halogen lighting and water. A completely safe way to have a fireplace without any danger, the Aqua Fire cartridge allows the same beautiful aesthetic of real fire without the heat nor the safety issues - even in warmer months or climates! Simply plug in, fill and enjoy! Ideal for commercial use.
 Super.Bio.Fuel is a clean burning and Eco-friendly liquid fireplace fuel that produces no soot, smoke, odor nor harmful exhaust. When burning Super.Bio.Fuel, you are able to experience real fire without the hassles associated with traditional hearths. The planet friendly Super.Bio.Fuel has a high flash point, making it safer than ordinary ethanol or other fireplace fuels. It does not flare up, flash nor explode, even when it is introduced directly into the flame. Ideal for commercial use.