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Malm Ventless Fireplace - Clean Flames

width: 34"     depth: 25.25"     height: 72" - 96"
All fireplaces include six feet of stove pipe, collar and cap in matching colors.

Super.Bio.Fuel is a clean burning and Eco-friendly liquid fireplace fuel that produces no soot, smoke, odor nor harmful exhaust. When burning Super.Bio.Fuel, you are able to experience real fire without the hassles associated with traditional hearths. The planet friendly Super.Bio.Fuel has a high flash point, making it safer than ordinary ethanol or other fireplace fuels. It does not flare up, flash nor explode, even when it is introduced directly into the flame. Ideal for commercial use.

Aqua Fire is the latest in alternative fireplace technology. Fire without actual fire, this cartridge produces faux flame and smoke by using sepia-colored halogen lighting and water. A completely safe way to have a fireplace without any danger, the Aqua Fire cartridge allows the same beautiful aesthetic of real fire without the heat nor the safety issues - even in warmer months or climates! Simply plug in, fill and enjoy! Ideal for commercial use.

Malm Freestanding Fireplace - Ventless

Pricing from $3,889. Please contact for customization and ordering.

Malm fireplaces have been a staple in upscale spaces since 1960. One of the first companies to introduce the U.S. to freestanding fireplaces, Malm has met the test of time and exceeded the quality standards of the most discerning in both public and private areas. The Malm Ventless Fireplace weds iconic mid-century modern design with today's leading technology for ventless fireplaces. Now you can enjoy this beautiful hearth without chopping wood or installing gas lines. Offered with a Super Bio Fuel Burner or Aqua Fire cartridge, you can now enjoy Malm styling without a ventilation system, toxic emissions, ash, mess or liability.

Easy as 1.2.3. First, choose your burner. Second choose the material. Then, choose your color. An iconic and ventless fireplace that suits your specific needs!

Super.Bio.Fuel. The first burner option uses Super Bio Fuel - an Eco-friendly liquid fuel made from recycled materials. Super Bio Fuel has a high flash point of 200 degrees for safe handling and does not emit toxins, create ash or soot and doesn't smoke. Different than ethanol fuel, Super Bio Fuel doesn't flare up, flash or explode even when fuel is poured directly into the fire. Super Bio Fuel offers the same authentic flames without the safety risks associated with a traditional fireplace.

Aqua Fire. The second burner option isn't a burner at all! A new, virtual fire that doesn't use fire at all, Aqua Fire employs the latest in ultrasonic technology. Using water and halogen lighting, Aqua Fire produces a majestic show of simulated flames and smoke. By creating no heat, your Malm Ventless Fireplace, when using the Aqua Fire cartridge, may be used year round for ambience at the tip of your fingers. With no safety concerns, this application is ideal for those in commercial settings.

Real or Faux Fire. All about choices, this clean burning fireplaces affords you the option of real, Eco-friendly flames with the Super Bio Fuel option or with Aqua Fire, enjoy the ambience without the heat and safety concerns related to a traditional fire.

The Finishing Touch.  The Malm Freestanding Ventless Fireplace is offered with an exterior to suit your taste and aesthetic needs. Select from a true metal, ceramic or powder coated steel structure.