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Flameless Fireplace - Malm     Water Fireplace - Malm     Malm with Aqua Fire     

Fire you can touch!

width: 34"     depth: 25.25"     height: 72" - 96"
All fireplaces include six feet of stove pipe, collar and cap in matching colors.

Mid-Century Modern Malm Ventless Fireplace

Zircon Freestanding Fireplace - AquaFire™

$3,999 matte finish
$5,325 porcelain / powder coat
$5,780 true metal
{plus free curbside delivery}

Please Call For Purchase and Customization.

Malm.  Malm Fireplaces, based in California USA, have been a staple in public and private spaces since the 1960's. A pioneer in freestanding fireplaces, Malm offers progressive fireplace solutions for both residential and commercial applications. With the company's forward thinking, they have partnered with Arctec Fire to offer their classic Zircon Fireplace with flameless technology. AquaFire™ offers the same aesthetic of a real fireplace without the hassle, risk and cost!

Design. The Malm Zircon Flameless Fireplace boasts a mid-century design aesthetic that befits any well-appointed space. Embracing the modernist movement with its forward-looking style that recalls social change, this ventless fireplace provides an authentic mid-century experience with the safest and most convenient fireside technology that is AquaFire™.

Flameless Technology. This ventless fireplace uses an AquaFire™ cartridge. AquaFire™ uses revolutionary ultrasonic technology paired with sepia-colored halogen lighting to create the most realistic, three-dimensional flame display available without real fire. The result is simulated fire and smoke that tricks the onlooker's eye with its realism.

The illusion is created as light meanders through water vapor that is produced by AquaFire™. The illuminated vapor offers the flame effect - the non-illuminated vapor produces the simulated smoke. The AquaFire™ technology makes the Malm Ventless Fireplace the Everywhere Fireplace when real fire isn't an option.

Safety. Because the Zircon Ventless Fireplace employs AquaFire™ without actual fire, it offers its user the safest fireplace experience available. Zero liability is assumed, making this ventless fireplace ideal for commercial use - no codes to worry about! A safe and cool fireplace, there is no danger of fire or burns - ever!

Convenient. Zircon is easily operated through remote control. At the touch of a button, you can "ignite" or "extinguish the flames.

Installation. Installation is a snap. There are no gas lines to run, no ventilation system and no chimney needed! Simply unpack, plug in, fill and enjoy a simulated fire that will have onlookers in awe! Plus ... the operational costs are minimal, as there is no fuel, gas or wood to purchase!

AquaFireâ„¢ is the latest in alternative fireplace technology. Fire without actual fire, this cartridge produces faux flame and smoke by using sepia-colored halogen lighting and water. A completely safe way to have a fireplace without any danger, the AquaFireâ„¢ cartridge allows the same beautiful aesthetic of real fire without the heat nor the safety issues - even in warmer months or climates! Simply plug in, fill and enjoy! Ideal for commercial use.