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Nu-Flame Grande Fire Water Wall

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Ethanol Fire Waterfall Combination by Nu-Flame

Grande Fire Water Wall

by Nu-Flame

$4,395   8' fire fountain
$5,395   10' fire fountain
{plus free curbside delivery}

The Grande Fire Water Wall by Nu-Flame combines the natural beauty of fire and water, creating a stunning and relaxing display for any home or business. Cascading and rolling downward over a clear tempered glass waterfall surface situated at the center of the water wall's reservoir, water sheets and relaxes as it reaches the bottom. On its journey downward, the water trickles its way past polished river rock and swaying orange flames offered by the bio ethanol burner nuzzled ideally behind a pane of tempered glass within the fountain's basin. The result is a plethora of emotion and relaxation as your senses are overloaded by the soothing sounds of cascading water married with the visual wonder of the meandering flames.

Functional. The Grande Fire Water Wall not only pleases the senses, but is a practical addition to any space. Along with with the streamlined appearance of its brushed stainless steel frame, the cascading water adds moisture to its surround, relieving you of dry skin and helping the floras, too. Water produces negative ions that invite dust and other irritants and remove them from the air, thus improving your room's air quality. In addition to the benefits related to water, the ethanol burner will produce heat from the flames produced by its linear burner and alter the ambient temperature in its surround.

Eco-Friendly. This freestanding fire water wall is powered by bio ethanol fireplace fuel. The Environmentally-safe liquid fuel, also known as denatured or ethyl alcohol, is made from alcohol byproducts of plants and other recycled waste products. When bio ethanol fuel is burned, only heat, water vapor (steam) and small amounts of carbon dioxide (not monoxide) are emitted. Vegetation process the carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, making it an Eco-friendly fuel source. The liquid fuel is simply poured into the burner's reservoir (only when unlit) with a funnel. Once the ethanol burner is full, simply light it with a long lighter or fireplace match and enjoy the marriage fire and water!

Variable. Both the bio ethanol burner and water flow of this fire water wall can be varied at your discretion. The Grande Fire Water Wall is delivered with a submersible pump adjustable flow valve. This enables you to adjust the flow of the water to prevent splashing for indoor use. Additionally, the stainless steel ethanol burner may also be controlled. Simply use the included damper tool to slide burner's lid. This allows you to control flame size, amount of heat, fuel consumption and fuel cost.
Sturdy. The Grande Fire Water Wall, as is the linear ethanol burner it houses, is made of brushed stainless steel. Its waterfall surface is made of clear, tempered glass. The use of these heavy-duty materials ensures, with proper care, that your investment pays off for many years.

Simple. An easy piece to assemble, the Grandel Fire Water Wall does not require tools and will not take much time to setup. Using it is easy, too: Using a funnel, simply fill the ethanol burner with the liquid fuel (not included). Once full and you've cleaned up any spillage, light with a fireplace match or long lighter. When you're finished using the fire aspect of the water wall, completely close the burner's lid with the included tool and you're done!

appropriate for indoor and outdoor use.