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Planika Pyramid Commerce Indoor/Outdoor Fire Column

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Pyramid Commerce Fire Column
by Planika Fires

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Whether you're looking to add a fire show to your home or business, indoors or outdoors, the Pyramid Commerce Fire Column by Planika is the ideal solution. An unforgettable form that adds and upscale aesthetic to any space, this ethanol fireplace tenders a unique shape with bold, imaginative cutout ornamentation. The result is a striking smoke-free fire display befitting any well-appointed space. Giving it a modern elegance, the Pyramid Fire Column is composed of polyester fiber laminate finished in a timeless white gloss. The fuel is held and flames emitted from a round, stainless steel burner. Perfect for bars, restaurants, hotels and any other indoor or outdoor space, Pyramid Commerce uses special technology within its burner to make it spill-proof should it be tipped over. Adding to this ethanol fire feature's safety, the flame is set behind tempered glass shaped akin to that of its base, which also allows for fuel preservation by shielding the flames from breeze.

Ventless. Because Pyramid Commerce is powered by clean burning ethanol fireplace fuel, it need not be attached to a ventilation system or other apparatus. Ethanol fuel only emits heat, water vapor and trace amounts of carbon dioxide into the air. It produces no odor, soot, ash or smoke. Because of this, although most employ this fire feature outdoors, it may also be used in an indoor space with an appropriate amount of airflow.

Portable. Because this ethanol fire column is freestanding without the restriction of hook-ups, it may be relocated at your discretion. Extending its value, Pyramid Commerce may be used outdoors for the summer and indoors for the winter. Now you can have fire whenever and wherever you want it!

Warmth. The Planika Pyramid Commerce Fire Column offers a central flame and it radiates an output of approximately 8,547 btu, which will take the nip out of the air on cool evenings outdoors and add warmth to a small space indoors.

Stylish.The streamlined and understated beauty of this uniquely-shaped bioethanol fireplace coordinates with any decorating style or exterior motif. Pyramid Commerce is a stunning piece of interactive decor as a soloist and even more so when used as a pair or in a linear display.

Cost Effective. Because there is no cost for installation or major upkeep, this and all ethanol burning fireplaces and fire features, cost considerably less as compared with their gas and wood burning counterparts. Ethanol affords you with the same beautiful fire and ambience without the headaches, cleanup and high initial costs!

Planika Warrants all ethanol fireplace inserts to be free from defects for two years.