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by DecorPro

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| therealm

A modern outdoor fire feature boasting an unparalleled design, the Realm Ethanol Fire Pit befits any well-appointed exterior space. Whether highlighting a garden, walkway or the entrance of your home or business, this horizontally-positioned and clean burning fire pit is certain to make an impact.

Realm is designed to be inserted into the ground. This underground insertion allows the flames to sit low to the ground, making it idyllic for showing off your landscape in the dim of the evening. Intensifying the flames and offering a more dense fire display, the black steel position behind the fire adds dimension and increased illumination.

Tendering a clean, linear look, the Realm Ethanol Fire Pit is composed of solid steel and finished with a black epoxy to withstand the elements and test of time. Liquid bioethanol fuel is introduced directly into the flame opening (when unlit) and ignited with a long match or lighter. Included with the fire pit is a cover of the like material and finish to be used when the fire pit is not in use.

| thesummation

  • Made of steel, finished in black epoxy.
  • Designed to be inserted into the ground.
  • Portable. Re-position the fire pit at your discretion.
  • Intended for Outdoor Use.
  • No attachments or bulky tanks. Use immediately!
  • Easy to Fill. Easy to Use.
  • No Maintenance.
  • Uses Liquid Ethanol Fuel
  • Two-Year Warranty.
  • Made in Canada.

| themeasurements

  • Width: 36"
  • Depth: 14"
  • Height: 10"
  • Weight: 18 pounds