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Cocoon Terra Freestanding Fireplace

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Cocoon Terra Freestanding Fireplace - Stainless Steel     Terra Freestanding Fireplace by Cocoon     Cocoon Terra Ethanol Fireplace

materialsstainless and / or carbon steel
depth15" (body) 18" pedestal
29.9" (in total)
burner capacity1.5 liters
approximate btu output9,000
approximate burn time6 hours per refill
includessnuffer tool
ethanol burner9" x 9" x 3"

Cocoon Terra Freestanding Fireplace

designed by Federico Otero

$2,400 black
$3,400 stainless steel
{plus free curbside delivery}

The Cocoon Terra Freestanding Fireplace is a unique and stylish way to introduce fire into any residential or commercial surrounding. Designed by decorated industrial designer, Federico Otero, Terra is a mix of form and function. Otero, who hails from Lima, Peru created the line of Cocoon Fireplaces using his education from Purdue University, experience at companies such as Tag Heuer and Delta Faucets and combined them with his global travels and cultural influences. His designs, including Cocoon, are celebrated by those with good taste and appreciation for high-design.

The Cocoon Terra Freestanding Fireplace has been developed to sit on any level surface. Perched atop a cylindrical pedestal base, the cocoon-shaped body harbors this fireplace's ethanol burner. Terra's body, offered in a complete 316 marine grade stainless steel mirror finish or carbon steel finished in black, lends a familiar and warm feeling to any room. The stainless burner within offers clean burning flames that lick interior with gracefulness and tranquility. The burner is adjustable so as to allow its user the convenience of controlling the heat output, flame size and operational cost.

Functional as it is aesthetically appealing, when Terra isn't being used to warm the room or provide emotional decor, it may be used to chill your favorite bottle of wine or other fine beverage. Simply remove the burner and add ice.

When employed as a fireplace, Terra is fueled by ethanol. It holds 1 1/2 liters of fuel and with it allows approximately six hours of lively flames, depending on the surrounding conditions. During combustion, ethanol fuel emits nothing more than heat, water vapor and a small amount of carbon dioxide akin to that found when exhaling human breath. Because no toxins, smoke, ash nor odor are emitted, Terra does not require special ventilation or a chimney. Simply introduce the liquid ethanol into the burner with a funnel and ignite with a long match or lighter. When finished, easily slide the burner's lid closed.

This Cocoon Fireplace is delivered to you by freight carrier. It will arrive ready to use and enjoy the same day. Please allow two weeks prior to receiving.