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Ethanol Talk: What is an Ethanol Fireplace? ... And More!

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What is a Bio Ethanol Fireplace? - and other related topics New Entry  

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Bio-Blaze: A Celebration of Geometry
by Clean_Flames on 

Bio-Blaze Double-Sided Ethanol Fireplace

Geneva, NY - October 26, 2017 - The Elite Home, parent company of Clean Flames, the Eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing alternative to wood burning and gas fireplaces, is pleased to announce that they will now offer the Bio-Blaze line of ventless fireplaces exclusively to the United States, Canada and Mexico. Bio-Blaze, maker of ethanol fireplaces, burner inserts and grates, with a base in Amougies, Belgium, and Clean Flames by The Elite Home, based in New York, is excited to distribute the beautiful bio ethanol fireplaces for the wall, tabletop and floor to consumers in these great countries. The announcement comes as the demand for quality vent-free fireplace solutions increase worldwide.

Bioethanol fuel, otherwise known as denatured alcohol, is a renewable energy source made by fermenting components of plant by-products. It is made from corn, potatoes, rice and several other crops. When the liquid ethanol fuel is burned, it produces beautiful and lively orange flames that lick the air with grace, offering ambience and a secondary heat source. Because it burns clean, you don't have to worry about the hassle of a chimney, flue or vent.

During combustion, this alternative fireplace fuel produces just three things: water vapor (steam), heat and carbon dioxide (CO2). The carbon dioxide emitted by ethanol is absorbed by plants. Through photosynthesis it is processed and helps the plants grow.

A smart mix of sustainability and cutting edge designs, the Bio-Blaze offering at Clean Flames is manufactured with only the highest-grade materials and assembled by the family-owned company who has been a leading worldwide producer since 2002.

Bio-Blaze Fireplaces at Clean Flames

"We are excited about offering this high-end line of ventless ethanol fireplaces to our audience. It's even more exciting that we are able to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the line with Bio-Blaze. As a company, our goal is to raise the overall awareness of ethanol-burning products and really promote a lifestyle that's better for the environment, without sacrificing style." said Phillip Godbold, the Clean Flames National Account Executive.

"We hope that this Belgian-made offering entices more people to consider an Eco-friendly product and enjoy the beauty and versatility it offers without concern about craftsmanship and safety."

This collection of ethanol fireplaces and ethanol fireplace inserts, for those who conform to the highest levels of both planetary responsibility and design standards may be found HERE.

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Spring is on our doorstep!
by CleanFlames on 

It's that time again. Soon, the dreary brown tones of summer will be replaced with the fresh and promising green tones of Spring and Summer! For all of us itching to spend time outside, our thoughts are turning to the backyard, patio and deck areas of our homes. The memories of warm days and cool evenings consume our thoughts and the nostalgia to repeat them overcomes us.

This year should be no different. The good weather accompanied by the good company of friends and family. And, there is no better way to set the stage than by incorporating a fire feature into your front or backyard design. The element of fire, with its wispy, dancing flames is certain to encourage serenity and warmth in your outdoor area this year!

Here are five ways to add a fire feature to your backyard, patio, deck, porch or entry:

Olympus Ethanol Torch

1. Garden Torch: A modern garden torch adds the flicker of fire that plays off of the unique cutout designs. Whether inserted into the ground and lining your walkway or used with a base for a freestanding torch on your deck, out modern garden torches will use the dim of the evening to present an awe-inspiring environment for all!

Skyline Black Tabletop Torch

2. Tabletop Torch: Tabletop Torches offer the flicker of light and cozy warmth that makes a quiet evening enjoyable. Easily placed on any flat surface, tabletop torches are portable and can follow the excitement. An idyllic fire feature for romantic dinners outdoors!

Column Outdoor Ethanol BurningFireplace

3. Ethanol Fire Column:  Ethanol Fire Columns are a perfect way to greet your guests, whether at home or in a commercial environment such as restaurants, nightclubs and hotels. These vertically-positioned ethanol fireplaces add modern ambiance and warmth and encourage all of those in their surround to gather and mingle. Ethanol Fire Columns are also a fine implementation of fire on small porches where space may be at a premium!

Qube Large Ethanol Fireplace

4. Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace:  An outdoor ethanol fireplace will add heat and coziness to any poolside, backyard, patio or deck. Pictured here, the Qube Large Ethanol Fireplace is equipped with hidden castors for easy relocation during your outdoor function. Clean burning, Eco-friendly and Vent-Free, outdoor ethanol fireplaces are quickly becoming the preference over more traditional options due to their low-maintenance, hassle-free qualities.

Hades Outdoor Propane Fire Pit

5. Outdoor Propane Fire Pit: Outdoor fire pits that use propane fuel are also clean burning and Eco-friendly. For those who don't mind a fuel line running to a propane tank, this is your solution! Clean Flames offers outdoor propane fire pits by Zuo Modern. Each model is as stunning as the next, all offering up to 50,000 btu of heat output for those chilly summer evenings!

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by CleanFlames on 

Ventless Ethanol Fireplace Insert by Planika

Over the past four years at Clean Flames, we’ve spoken with myriad clients in Southern and Western states, especially California, Texas and Florida, who want a fireplace, but not as much heat provided by wood burning or gas fireplaces. Luckily, we have the solution. Whether уоu hаvе an existing hearth or are looking to create a clean burning fireplace, it’s easy to convert to or build a new ethanol fireplace. Whether indoors or outdoors, ethanol burning fireplaces offer the same dramatic ambiance, but are more appropriate as a secondary source of light and heat when the climate is working against you.


There hаѕ been a drive іn rесеnt years tо fіnd more environmentally frіеndlу fuels аnd those аvаіlаblе frоm ѕuѕtаіnаblе ѕоurсеѕ, аnd thе talk hаѕ еvеntuаllу соmе аrоund to thе amount of роllutіоn we сrеаtе when we burn wооd іn оur fіrерlасе, both indoors and out. Ethаnоl is сеrtаіnlу a bеttеr аltеrnаtіvе thаn natural gas, еlесtrісіtу, оr рrораnе fоr your fireplace when taking the environment into consideration. Gas lоgѕ and еlесtrіс fіrерlасеѕ hаvе bесоmе іnсrеаѕіnglу popular in rесеnt years, but ethanol is gaining in popularity because of its less intense heat output – especially in warmer clients. We find that pеорlе lоvе thеіr fіrерlасеѕ and dоn't wаnt tо give them uр, because they’re used more for creating an ambient environment than for heating the space.


Sо, we implore those in those areas that aren’t synonymous with fireplace use to convert an existing hearth or build a new one using our Eco-friendly, clean burning ethanol fireplaces. Sіttіng bу the fire with your favorite book, drink or person is a ѕресіаl рlеаѕurе and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice it because you live in a warmer area. Inviting friends for аn evening аnd wаrmіng thе event both physically and рѕусhоlоgісаllу wіth an ambient ethanol fіrерlасе аddѕ muсh tо thе conversation and it can be installed or a conversion completed at a fraction of what it costs for a more traditional hearth.


Sо here are the options:


Fireplace Grate. An ethanol fireplace grate is simply an ethanol insert surrounded by steel intended to be set into an existing hearth. As with all ethanol fireplace options, these fireplace grates burn cleanly – not emitting smoke, smell nor ash. Designed to be incorporated into any existing fireplace with traditonal to contemporary styles, our fireplace grates offer a solution for anyone who is tired of looking at their existing, non-functioning or over-functioning hearth. They will decrease the work and filthiness of wood burning fireplaces and reduce the heat output of gas fireplaces. This allows those in warmer climates to preserve the aesthetic of a fireplace while still being able to enjoy it without roasting!

Design Table Fireplace Grate

Fireplace Insert. An ethanol fireplace insert is an ideal solution for creating a new, clean burning and environmentally-friendly fireplace. Composed of stainless steel, these fireplace inserts are designed to be dropped into any surround made of non-combustible material such as stone, metal or brick. Generally used by those with a penchant for a more contemporary aesthetic, ethanol fireplace inserts create long lines of fire and may be used to design freestanding or wall fireplaces – single, double or three-sided. From twelve inches to seventy-two inches, Clean Flames offers fireplace inserts that are both manually operated and remotely controlled. No matter your budgetary or aesthetic needs, we have a solution.

Ready-Made Fireplaces. Perhaps you’re an apartment or condo dweller and you don’t have a fireplace and you can’t build one. Clean Flames also offers myriad ready-made fireplaces ranging in size, style and function. These “unpack and play” models range from smaller tabletop solutions to larger freestanding, floor model ethanol fireplaces. Portable, these fireplaces are an ideal solution for those in the South and West. Because these models are portable, you’re able to enjoy the ambient flames indoors without too much heat and bring them outdoors for evenings when there’s a nip in the air; One investment – dual use! Try doing that with a gas fireplace!

Bio-Blaze Qube Small Fireplace

Convenient, clean burning and Ecologically-conscious, an ethanol fireplace really is the ideal solution for those residing in warmer climates. The ease of use and maintenance is attractive to those who are retired and want to enjoy the fireplace more than maintain it, while the installation costs (or lack thereof) are appealing to those who are budget conscious. So, for all of you in Texas, Florida, California and other warmer climates – congratulations! Clean Flames will help you achieve a fireplace experience you can finally enjoy!

For assistance in choosing the right ethanol fireplace for you, contact us at [email protected]
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Falling In and Out of Love in Autumn
by CleanFlames on 

Now that the air is crisp and the leaves are performing their annual show, let’s take a quick look into the summer that’s passed and the relationships formed in it. It is all too often that summer flings are a staple of the season. But, let’s face it: Intimacy that is formed with high serotonin and dopamine levels thanks to the increased sunlight, don’t usually work out. But, if the two of you are still hanging in there now that it’s October, there is a great chance that it will last. Autumnal romances are bound to have more depth and meaning and the reasons may surprise you.

Autumn is no doubt a time of change. We see it physically in our surroundings and feel it in our hearts. Passed on by biology, our bodies tell us it's time to hunker down for the coming winter. What it also tells us is that it's our last chance to find that perfect mate before the hunkering starts. A primal need for pairing and procreating if you will - perhaps a trait learned by paying attention to the animal kingdom.


According to psychologists, humans are creatures of comfort. We run inside to get warm and to be protected as winter hits. In order to feel the warmth and protection completely, we look for a mate. It’s really a simplistic and primal need that still drives us despite the assist of modern technology. Our libido also plays a role in finding that special someone in the fall. Summer is a time of generally care-free attitudes and less stress. As autumn arrives, we yearn for that return of normality and we’re generally prepared to settle down and mentally ready for commitment.


The way we dress also plays a role. Check out the latest fashion blogs or clothing retailers. You’ll notice that their offering includes garments that find a happy medium. While you are warm, the autumn wardrobe typically still shows your form. At the same time, it communicates the message that you’re to be taken seriously by covering the body. In direct opposition to t-shirts and cargo shorts, the clothing of this season takes on a more sophisticated approach by nature and with it comes a different mindset.


All in all, through primal instinct and visual clues, autumn allows us to see a new start while letting us know it’s okay to put things behind us. Contemplate if you will, that autumn is actually a time of death – albeit a beautiful time. A time of transition where one can look back with nostalgia, yet look ahead with optimism at the same time. I think that writer, poet and psychologist Bonaro W. Overstreet said it best: “Autumn asks that we prepare for the future —that we be wise in the ways of garnering and keeping. But it also asks that we learn to let go—to acknowledge the beauty of sparseness.”


A great deal of inspiration - both personally and by way of suggestion - was drawn by my special friend and for that I am thankful.

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Outdoor Ethanol Fireplaces Extend Your Season!
by CleanFlames on 

Outdoor Ethanol Fireplaces Extend the Season!

As fall has once again come upon us, the yearning to squeeze one more evening under the stars does too. Recent memories of picnics and summer get-togethers leaves the desire for year-round summer (at least for those of us in the East)!

One way to extend the outdoor season is to incorporate an ethanol fireplace in your outdoor space - from porch and patio to the garden. Here are some outdoor ethanol fireplaces that are great for squeezing a bit more out of your favorite exterior spot:

The Lexington Tabletop Ethanol Fireplace. This small, canoe-shaped portable fireplace is ideal for perching atop your favorite patio furniture or outdoor dining table. A see-through model, this tabletop fireplace may be enjoyed by everyone with its clear, non-intruding style. Now offered in black, white, beige, green, red, blue and stainless steel, this little ethanol burner offers a solution for every space. The best part: when you are finished outdoors, bring it inside for memory-making ambience all year long!

Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace - Vitrum H

The Vitrum H Double-Sided Fireplace. Here's a model that is ideal for outdoor use. The Vitrum H offers high, tempered glass for protection against wind and other elements. Kicking out over 6,000 btu per hour, this ethanol fireplace is certain to warm your small outdoor space while giving everyone a view of the dancing flames. Because this model is also portable, you'll be able to enjoy an ethanol fireplace indoors once you've squeezed the last day outside!

Planika Totem Commerce - Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace

Totem Commerce Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace. Here's an outdoor, cylinder-shaped ethanol fireplace that is perfect for lining the walkways in your space - adding light and warmth to your welcoming. The Totem Commerce is especially loved by those in commercial spaces from restaurants to hotels. Whether entertaining for fun or for business, this outdoor ethanol fireplace is sure to extend the season that so many want to hold onto!

In addition to those above, many of the fireplaces at Clean Flames may be used for indoor and outdoor use. If you'd like to talk about your space, we'd be more than happy to recommend the perfect outdoor ethanol fireplace for you - just contact us!

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Creating a Modern & Warm Family Room This Fall
by CleanFlames on 

So, we are officially on the cusp. The days of crisp air are becoming more apparent. Children are making the trek to the school bus, and all of the picnics are over for the year.

Now, our focus is on the indoor spaces. Perhaps a little fall decorating with leaves, pumpkins and the colors of autumn. Here are a few ideas for creating a warm and modern family room for you, your friends and family to enjoy this fall and throughout the year:

Modern Cowhide Rug | HOUZZ

Incorporate an area rug. Nothing warms a space (and makes it sound better) than a little carpeting. If you don't want to go through the hassle of installation, though, an area rug is a perfect solution. A sharp zebra printed cowhide rug can warm a space while keeping style as a staple. Remember, if your sofa and chairs are against the wall, be sure that the rug is large enough to fit under the legs of all pieces.

Modern Lounge Chair |

Find a modern lounge chair to fall into. For those times when you're coming back from work and want to simply sit, read and maybe enjoy a glass of your favorite red. You don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. Choosing a modern lounge chair that has deep curvature and a body-hugging appearance. Have it upholstered to match your space and voila!

Modern Wall Sconce | HOUZZ

Use soft, ambient lighting. It is all to often that we rely on the everyday table lamp. By using more ambient lighting, like a modern wall sconce (especially one that may be dimmed at your discretion), you add a level of warmth to the space. A wall light that washes the wall from the top and bottom of the fixture will add pleasant illumination while preserving your period of relaxation.

Ethanol Fireplace | Clean Flames

Add an ethanol fireplace. It's now possible to have a fireplace in your space without major construction. Since the mind recalls, the use of fire has offered not only warmth, but a tranquil visual in which one can become lost with their thoughts.

There are several ways that this is possible. Perhaps you have a small space and would just like something larger than a candle to offer and aesthetic boost. A tabletop fireplace is ideal for this setting. Perhaps, though, you have a bit more room and a floor fireplace or wall mounted fireplace would fit the bill.

No matter the space, an ethanol fireplace is certain to add warmth, ambience and memories for years to come.

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Modern Loft Living
by CleanFlames on 

Ethanol fireplaces are becoming more popular nationwide because of their versatility, ease of use, safety and convenience. Although many are interested in a fully-finished, pre-fabricated fireplace, those with a little creativity, who are tired of the mundane, create stunning, custom fireplaces using ethanol fireplace inserts.Ethanol Fireplace Insert - Custom Surround - Clean Flames

Margo Downing (, an interior designer in the Baltimore area, is among these creative and talented people. Recently, she appealed to Clean Flames with an awe-inspiring design that came to life with the Ignis EB6200, a 62" ethanol burner. The results were so incredible, that she received acclaim by Baltimore Style Magazine.
Ethanol Burner - Custom Surround - Clean Flames
A modern loft, Margo wanted the fireplace to reflect just that with a linear fire ribbon and open construction. By using the fireplace insert and a tiled background - complete with a flame pattern, she was able to produce a stunning and functional fireplace for her client akin to no other.
Margo Downing Interiors - Clean Flames Fireplace
Ethanol Fireplace Inserts are designed to simply drop into any non-combustible material. By using the appropriate cutouts and adhering to the published clearances, anyone can design a fireplace that meets the need of their space and style - from traditional to contemporary; Large to small.

Fireplace inserts range in size from 12" to over 72" long, allowing you to achieve your desired aesthetic and heat output. In addition to the manually operated ethanol burners, you may also select an automated burner. Complete with remote controlled operation, these ethanol burners offer a bit more convenience and the latest safety technology available with a little electricity.
Custom Ethanol Fireplace - Clean Flames
So, if you're looking for something out of the ordinary and unique to you, your project or space, you may consider and ethanol fireplace insert. The possibilities are endless. If you need assistance or a little conversation to spark your creativity, reach out to Customer Care and let us fire up your idea!

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Ethanol Wall Fireplaces: Recessed or Wall Mounted?
by CleanFlames on 

Ethanol Fireplace | Lata | Clean Flames

This question is raised quite frequently when people are shopping for an ethanol fireplace. As site after site is undoubtedly viewed during the shopping process, these terms (and many others) are often used interchangeably – but there is a difference. When selecting the best fireplace for your project, the most important question to be answered is: How involved do I want to get? Below we will attempt to clarify the different types of ethanol wall fireplaces to better help you decide.

Recessed Ethanol Fireplaces. If you are interested in building your fireplace into the wall or a custom surround, this is most likely what you’re looking for. Ethanol fireplaces that are designed to be recessed, or built into the wall, are unfinished on the back side. Generally constructed with a thin frame that is the only component seen once installed, the firebox in the back is unfinished for ease of insertion. If, however, you are positioning the fireplace so that the sides are generally unseen, it is acceptable to simply hang this type onto the wall as well. If the fireplace’s sides may be viewed, then you will most likely want to consider a wall mounted model.

Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace. Hung like a picture with very little effort and no construction necessary, a wall mounted ethanol fireplace is just that – mounted directly on the wall. This type of ethanol fireplace is ideal for areas where you can allow a depth of 8”-15”, as the fireplace will jut out from the wall slightly. Wall mounted ethanol fireplaces may also be recessed. It is important to note, though, that you will have to accommodate for the depth of the fully-finished frame. Unlike the recessed models, the sides and back are designed to be seen and are therefore finished.

When considering the purchase of an ethanol wall fireplace, it is also important that you’re recessing into or mounting onto a surface that is non-combustible. We recommend the use of a concrete backer board, tile, stone or other non-flammable material. The only exception is when you are employing the use of a zero-clearance firebox.

Zero-Clearance Firebox. Constructed with a special insulation that impedes the transfer of heat, these ethanol fireplaces are designed to be inserted into the wall. Because of the insulation, however, it is acceptable to recess them into the material of your choice. A flange surrounds the firebox and allows you to face the fireplace as you see fit in accordance with your design goals. The outcome is a clean and streamlined aesthetic with optimal safety.

The warmth and ambience of a fireplace is now easier to achieve. Ethanol fireplaces don’t require special ventilation, they don’t produce smoke, soot nor ash and best of all they are Eco-friendly. Contact customer care for assistance with your project and add depth and beauty to any space!

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Summer Isn't Over Yet!
by CleanFlames on 

Planika Totem Commerce Ethanol Fireplace

It’s not too late! There is still time left to spend time outdoors. Even if the outdoors means a little gardening and a quick nap. But whether you’re in the garden or taking a stroll through your yard, there really is nothing like being outdoors at the end of summer – taking it all in before it all disappears for the year.  The air is warm, the breeze is refreshing, and everything from your flowers and the bright sun to the familiar drip of the ice cream cone says: “Summer is still here!”

Now may be the best time to think about an ethanol fireplace for your outdoor space. Whether around your pool, spa or simply on the patio, the graceful lick of clean flames will add tranquility and conversation to any outdoor area. As the air starts to get crisp, the ethanol fireplace in your outdoor space will still give you comforting warmth throughout the fall. Then, as the air turns from cool to cold, bring your fireplace indoors and enjoy it even more. Talk about versatile!

Fire Up Get-Togethers.

Imagine, if you will, entertaining friends and family a nice summer day – the late afternoon filled with conversation as you and your guests share stories of the rapidly-ending season; and in the evening everyone waits as long as they can and cherishes every moment of the setting sun before going home. Now imagine that same get-together with a clean burning, Eco-friendly fireplace. Suddenly, the late afternoon is crackling with the dancing flames of the fireplace and the value of the evening and time spent with loved ones increases. The power of fire – has been for as long as we can remember.


“Me” Time.

Let’s face it: you work hard. Very hard. Summertime can easily help relax you after a long day at work or on a lazy Sunday. With a glass of your favorite light and fruity wine and the latest work by your favorite author, an ethanol fireplace can turn your backyard space into your personal getaway. The hint of light tickling the pages as you sip yourself into a tranquil state. Your eyes tending to the fire in contemplation of the book’s last chapter – mind wandering in wonder. Relaxation. Yeah – Summer is still here.


So many from which to choose.

Whether your outdoor space is grandiose or quaint, there are several ethanol fireplace options from which to choose: small portable tabletop fireplaces, medium-sized fireplaces for the ground, wall mounted ethanol fireplaces for a handsome outdoor hearth, podium-style, see-through .. The list goes on. So many colors, so many models, so many days of summer left! Enjoy them!

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New Additions at Clean Flames
by CleanFlames on 

Finestera Quattro Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace by Nu-Flame

Three new wall mounted ethanol fireplaces have just arrived at Clean Flames. With a more traditional approach, these fireplaces are versatile, slim and complement the theme of many decorating styles.

The Finestera Collection consists of three clean burning fireplaces by Nu-Flame. Each is appointed with a walnut grain frame, which adds to the warmth of the fireplace's ethanol flames. Offered in different sizes, there's a solution for most spaces.Wall Mount Ethanol Fireplace by Nu-Flame at Clean Flames

Each of the fireplace burners that this collection employs is composed of stainless steel and is adjustable. This enables you to control the heat output and cost of operation to suit your needs.

All of the ethanol fireplaces in this collection have a depth of only sixSlim Ethanol Fireplace at Clean Flames inches. This allows you to preserve valuable floor space without the hassle and expense associated with recessing the fireplaces into the wall.

So, for those who are looking for a clean burning fireplace, but the typical contemporary aesthetic just doesn't work for your space, there is now the Finestera Collection of Ethanol Fireplaces by Nu-Flame! Choose from the following:

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