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Ethanol Talk: What is an Ethanol Fireplace? ... And More!

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What is a Bio Ethanol Fireplace? - and other related topics
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Ethanol Wall Fireplaces: Recessed or Wall Mounted?
by CleanFlames on 

Ethanol Fireplace | Lata | Clean Flames

This question is raised quite frequently when people are shopping for an ethanol fireplace. As site after site is undoubtedly viewed during the shopping process, these terms (and many others) are often used interchangeably – but there is a difference. When selecting the best fireplace for your project, the most important question to be answered is: How involved do I want to get? Below we will attempt to clarify the different types of ethanol wall fireplaces to better help you decide.

Recessed Ethanol Fireplaces. If you are interested in building your fireplace into the wall or a custom surround, this is most likely what you’re looking for. Ethanol fireplaces that are designed to be recessed, or built into the wall, are unfinished on the back side. Generally constructed with a thin frame that is the only component seen once installed, the firebox in the back is unfinished for ease of insertion. If, however, you are positioning the fireplace so that the sides are generally unseen, it is acceptable to simply hang this type onto the wall as well. If the fireplace’s sides may be viewed, then you will most likely want to consider a wall mounted model.

Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplace. Hung like a picture with very little effort and no construction necessary, a wall mounted ethanol fireplace is just that – mounted directly on the wall. This type of ethanol fireplace is ideal for areas where you can allow a depth of 8”-15”, as the fireplace will jut out from the wall slightly. Wall mounted ethanol fireplaces may also be recessed. It is important to note, though, that you will have to accommodate for the depth of the fully-finished frame. Unlike the recessed models, the sides and back are designed to be seen and are therefore finished.

When considering the purchase of an ethanol wall fireplace, it is also important that you’re recessing into or mounting onto a surface that is non-combustible. We recommend the use of a concrete backer board, tile, stone or other non-flammable material. The only exception is when you are employing the use of a zero-clearance firebox.

Zero-Clearance Firebox. Constructed with a special insulation that impedes the transfer of heat, these ethanol fireplaces are designed to be inserted into the wall. Because of the insulation, however, it is acceptable to recess them into the material of your choice. A flange surrounds the firebox and allows you to face the fireplace as you see fit in accordance with your design goals. The outcome is a clean and streamlined aesthetic with optimal safety.

The warmth and ambience of a fireplace is now easier to achieve. Ethanol fireplaces don’t require special ventilation, they don’t produce smoke, soot nor ash and best of all they are Eco-friendly. Contact customer care for assistance with your project and add depth and beauty to any space!


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